Can Face Shape And Size Predict People’s Sex Drive And Odds Of Cheating On Their Partners?

Can Face Shape And Size Predict People's Sex Drive And Fidelity To Their Partners?

More and more psychological researchers are making use of facial morphology to predict one’s traits and behaviors through their face shape. Apparently, sex drive and the likelihood of a person cheating on their partner can also be predicted by the size and shape of their face, based on new research from Canada.

According to a team of researchers led by Steven Arnocky of Nipissing University in Ontario, Canada, a man or a woman’s facial width-to-height ratio, or FWHR, could play a role in determining a number of variables, namely their appetite for sex, chances of being unfaithful to their partner, and their choice in partners. Medical News Today noted that the researchers conducted two separate studies, starting with an analysis of 145 undergraduate students, all of whom were in heterosexual relationships at the time of the study.

For the first study, Arnocky and his colleagues issued questionnaires pertaining to the subjects’ sexual behavior and sex drive, then measured the dimensions of each of the participant’s faces. A third-party group calculated their FWHR by measuring facial width and dividing this figure by the height of the upper face. This study revealed that face shape and sex drive tended to be correlated for both the male and female participants.

The second study involved more college-aged people — a total of 314 men and women — who submitted photos of their faces and were given similar questionnaires to complete, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This time, however, the researchers added “sociosexuality” and “intended infidelity” among the variables, with the former term described as a “trait-based orientation toward sexuality that ranges between restricted and unrestricted.” A third variable of “anticipated infidelity,” or the tendency toward having sex outside a relationship, was also included into the mix, in an attempt to see whether it correlated with a person’s FWHR.

Likewise, the second study’s results showed that a person’s face shape could also predict sex drive. Specifically, men and women with a higher FWHR, or those whose faces tend to be short, wide, and square-shaped, were revealed to have a higher libido in general. Men with the aforementioned facial shape also appeared to be more likely to cheat on their partner and be more open toward casual sex outside the boundaries of a relationship.

The researchers believe that their studies are the first to associate FWHR or face shape to sex drive and “sexual psychology.” There were, however, some limitations to the studies, as Arnocky and his associates acknowledged. Aside from the “purely observational” nature of the research, the studies only involved small sample sizes, and mainly focused on people studying in universities, based on the assumption that younger adults are more interested in sex than their older counterparts.

Additionally, there were only two questions about infidelity in the questionnaires issued to the participants, and there were no variables relating to conservative sexual beliefs or sexual passivity included in either study.

Going forward, the researchers hope to conduct more studies to see if they could get similar facial shape/sex drive correlations with adolescents and older adults. The research was published earlier this week in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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