Take A Knee On NFL Sunday: Peaceful Protest Against Police Brutality, Trump’s Racist Talk, Say #TakeAKnee Fans

Take A Knee On NFL Sunday: Kneeling's A Peaceful Protest Against Racism And Trump's Hate, Say #TakeAKnee Fans

One very popular hashtag on social media is urging NFL players to “take a knee” on Sunday, September 24. In the wake of President Donald Trump speaking out against the practice of athletes kneeling during the National Anthem during his campaign rally for Senator Luther Strange, on Friday, September 22, with Trump claiming NFL owners should fire such players, Twitter is responding in kind. The heated speech made in Huntsville, Alabama, has caused the hashtag to trend heavily on Twitter, with some of the top tweets urging NFL players to “take a knee” on Sunday. Opponents of those who claim that taking a knee during the National Anthem disrespects the military or U.S. flag are writing that the #TakeAKnee movement has nothing to do with disrespecting those American institutions. Instead, #TakeAKnee proponents are writing that kneeling is a peaceful way to protest things like police brutality that don’t live up to the ideals of the flag.

As reported by Yahoo, President Trump urged the owners of NFL teams to get rid of players who knelt during the National Anthem. However, New York Giants owners responded, saying they would not fire players who knelt during the song. John Mara and Steve Tisch took issue with Trump’s suggestion, calling Trump’s comments “inappropriate, offensive and divisive.” Athletes weighed in on Trump’s words, too, with LeBron James calling Trump a “bum” for disinviting Steph Curry to the White House.

Even iconic actor Ed Asner weighed in on the controversy, writing that he indeed would take a knee on Sunday, but added that he might need somebody to help him up. The debate over the “take a knee” controversy is raging on Twitter, with some folks claiming that the protest displayed by folks who kneel during the National Anthem was a peaceful way to protest racism — and shouldn’t be hijacked by those who claim that the protest disrespects the U.S. flag or military. Veterans are even weighing in on the issue on Twitter and also writing how they will plan to take a knee on Sunday as well.

Even Stevie Wonder went viral in the video above, showing the singer taking a knee in protest.


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