‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 108 Review: Frieza’s Heel Turn Was A Red Herring After All

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 108 featured Freeza's betrayal of Universe 6's Frost.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 was an enjoyable episode overall, and it came with a few notable surprises. Comprising a few more minutes in the Tournament of Power, DBS Episode 108 featured what could only be Frieza’s most heroic deed to date, as ironic as that might sound.

Frieza has always been a villain. In fact, since his violent debut in Dragon Ball Z, Frieza has held the title of being arguably the most evil character in the entire DB franchise. This was why most Dragon Ball Super fans in online forums such as Reddit were rather surprised when it was announced that the villain would be replacing Majin Buu in the Universe 7 representative team’s lineup.

Since the beginning of the Tournament of Power, Frieza has stayed largely on the sidelines, watching the action from afar and adopting a handful of underhanded strategies to defeat opponents whenever it was convenient. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 108, Frieza did not disappoint, taunting Gohan for having a difficult time with Universe 2’s Yardratian, before almost killing the U2 fighter and eliminating him.

The main focus of the episode was Frost and Frieza’s team-up against Gohan. This has been teased in several leaked episode summaries during the past few weeks.

Teaming up with his U6 counterpart, Frieza seemed like he was about to fully betray his Universe 7 teammates, according to fan-translator Todd Blankenship. Frieza even went toe-to-toe against Ultimate Gohan using his Golden form, soundly beating the Saiyan by knocking him out.

Just as Frost and Frieza were gloating, however, the U7 villain unceremoniously eliminated Frost, proving that his alleged betrayal was nothing but a ruse. Gohan was also revealed to have noticed that Frieza was pulling his punches when they were fighting, which all but proved that the notorious villain was really intent on helping his U7 teammates.

Overall, several interesting tidbits of new information were revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 108. For one, Whis revealed that the Super Dragon Balls, which would be granted to the winner of the Tournament of Power, have the capability to kill gods. Apart from this, attacking an opponent after getting officially eliminated from the competition would also warrant an instant erasure from Zeno-sama, as shown when Frost tried to attack Frieza after he was thrown from the arena.

By the end of the episode, Goku and Universe 2’s Ribrianne were still fighting, the Universe 7 team was in shock at Frieza’s betrayal of Frost, and Universe 6 was in terror after seeing one of their fighters instantly destroyed. The closing moments of Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 also revealed that 29 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.

If the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 is any indication, things are bound to get even more intense, as Goku finally meets Universe 11’s Jiren face-to-face.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]