Will Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Kevin Love For Carmelo Anthony?

Kevin Love

Carmelo Anthony has included the Cleveland Cavaliers in his preferred trade destinations, but will the Cavs be willing to trade Kevin Love for him? Reports suggest Love will likely stay with the Cavs this upcoming season.

The New York Knicks was not able to work out a deal with the Houston Rockets, which is Melo’s No. 1 choice to be traded with. With that, the team has asked Anthony to expand his preferred destinations and the 10-time All-Star has added the Cavs as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As the 33-year-old is close to LeBron James, there is a possibility that they would be on the same team soon. The Cavs were also interested in acquiring Carmelo earlier this summer, although the talks have died down. One of the names that have been a subject of a Cavs trade is Kevin Love. The Cleveland Cavaliers had considered exploring a trade deal involving Love and Anthony, but it seems that the Knicks are not willing to take him back, per NBA.com.

Moreover, the Cavs could not really trade Kevin for now. This is because he does not have much standalone trade value. His value outside of the team is less than outside of it, Fansided reported, as his performance is deemed to have declined in the past seasons. His averages have slightly dipped and there were issues in his efficiency. Still, his rebounding and passing ability have contributed largely to the success of the Cavs.

For now, trading Love would mean the Cavs would have to give up much, so the ideal route is to retain him in the team and try to fit him in as much as they can. If Kevin’s trade value becomes higher and the team could find more fitting players, that would be the best time to trade him.

The Knicks would want center Tristan Thompson given his defense and rebounding abilities, but the Cavs is not willing to put him in the deal. The Knicks would be engaging both the Cavs and the Thunders in discussions this weekend. They hope to complete a deal before the training camp begins on Monday.

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