Take A Closer Look At The New Atlanta Falcons Stadium, It Is Just Awesome!

Fans who came to watch the Atlanta Falcons home game against the Green Bay Packers last Sunday admired the new stadium that replaced the Georgia Dome as the Falcons' home stadium. Everything about the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is just simply amazing.

In the Sunday night game, the new stadium seemed to give an extra energy boost to Matt Ryan, Devonta Jones, and the entire Atlanta Falcons team. They had a big lead at halftime before winning the rematch of last year's NFC championship game. Quarterback Ryan threw 252 yards passing, while Jones made 84 yards rushing to lead the team in a 34-23 victory.

The Atlanta Falcons dominated the Packers since the kickoff. They led 24-7 at halftime and continued to outrun the Green Bay Packers throughout the first NFL game in their new stadium.

The new stadium mesmerized the fans with its impressive features. One of them, a die-hard fan of the Atlanta Falcons, John Finch, was stunned with the $1.5 billion stadium, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He was lost for words as he entered the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

"Amazing... Breathtaking... Wow!"
The view inside the stadium itself is really breathtaking and impressive. It has a sophisticated steel retractable roof that resembles a camera lens. Below the roof, a massive 88-foot-tall, halo-shaped video board surrounds the stadium. The 1,1000-foot-long video board ensures fans will not miss any important things that happen in the field.

A view from inside the new home stadium of Atlanta Falcons, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
A view from the field at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Sept. 17, 2017, prior to the game between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers. [Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank designates the stadium as an appreciation to the Falcons' fans. The stadium provides amazing amenities and facilities with wider seats, free Wi-Fi, and outdoor fan plaza for all ticketed visitors. One of the most impressive amenities in the stadium is the affordable price of food.

Hotdogs and popcorn are sold at $2. Soft drink and water are also sold at the same price with unlimited free refills. A 12-ounce draft beer is sold for $5, while pizza, fries, and nachos have a $3 price tag. The price reduction of food will give football fans a more enjoyable experience with their family at a lower cost. In return, fans will come to watch more games at the stadium.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the fulfillment of a seven-year plan for the Falcons. Since 2010, the Falcons planned to relocate their home stadium from the Georgia Dome to another location in Atlanta. After a thorough planning and negotiation, the city of Atlanta approved the new location in March 2013.

The groundbreaking of the new location began a year later. After 39 months of construction work, the stadium was ready in July this year. The first game played in the stadium was an exhibition game between the Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals on Aug. 26.

Watch the breathtaking view of the Atlanta Falcons' new home stadium below.

Also, watch the time-lapse of the construction work of the stadium.

[Featured Image by David Goldman/AP Photo]