Aaron Carter Quits Twitter: ‘I Want Candy’ Singer Fed Up With Social Media As He Enters A ‘Facility’

Aaron Carter Quits Twitter Amid Reports That He Is Seeking Medical Attention

Aaron Carter quits Twitter hours after his rep announced that he is entering a “facility” to seek professional help in improving his “health” and “overall wellness.”

The 29-year-old singer is finally making his wellness a priority as he decides to seek medical attention and remove stressors from his life, including Twitter.

On Friday, Steve Honig, a spokesperson for Nick Carter’s little brother, told E! News that the artist would be spending some time at a facility in order “to improve his health and work on his overall wellness.”

“He is going to do this privately and focus all his attention on being the best person and performer possible. He is grateful for the support and love from his fans and looks forward to coming back stronger than ever before.”

Hours later, Aaron Carter took to Twitter to express his thoughts and ultimately decided to quit the social media platform until 2018. Sharing a message to his followers, Aaron explained his “disappearance” from social media and promised a return when he is “ready.”

“My loved ones, I would like to tell all of you that I will be disappearing for a while to work on myself,” he wrote.

“I’ll see you soon looking amazing and ready to play all my new songs LIVE. Most importantly, my stressors haven’t subsided with family and this year has been crazy and I need some time off from all of it.”

He also announced the release of a new version of his hit single “I Want Candy” on October 27 just in time for Halloween and a new album called LOVE.

In a period of two hours, Aaron Carter posted nearly a dozen Tweets, explaining why he had to quit Twitter.

He also explained—or tried to—what he is going through and clarified that his family did not force him to seek help, emphasizing that the decision was his alone.

In the end, Carter wished his fans the best and promised to be back a better person after successfully removing the causes of stress from his life.

Back in 2015, the “I Want Candy” singer had been showing signs of stress and possible depression as he shared a message on the social media platform, suggesting that he was in emotional turmoil, based on a report from Entertainment Tonight.

“Has anyone ever had their heartbroken [sic] so bad that they feel it in other parts of their body? like cold feelings in your stomach, emptiness?” he wrote in a lengthy Twitter post in December 2015.

According to the outlet, Aaron Carter’s essay was written while he was on a flight to Chicago.

“I’m a really sensitive guy and yes jealous and insecure at times ’cause I know I’m a skinny dude all of the anxiety stuff I’ve been through has been about my relationship I’ve just hid it from you all. I always wanna be a better version of myself,” he continued.

At the end of the post, he called out to someone who “broke his heart.” While it wasn’t clear whether this was the beginning of a possible depression, it was apparent that the singer hasn’t been happy as he continues to take to social media to express his emotions. Unfortunately, many still choose to criticize him for sharing the things he did on the social media platform.

With that said, it is not surprising that Aaron Carter quit Twitter, considering all he’s been through because of social media. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section below.

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