Miley Cyrus Skips Met Gala For Liam Hemsworth Amid Wedding Preparation Plans

Miley Cyrus ditched the Met Gala this year to prove to Liam Hemsworth just how much she loves him, sources reveal.

Cyrus, who is known to wear the most shocking outfits at the annual event, made the decision not to attend the fashion spectacle this year, instead spending quality time with Liam, whom she recently returned from Australia with.

The couple have been inseparable since rekindling their romance back in December, with several reports alleging that the twosome have also decided to give their engagement another shot.

And while things seem to be moving rather fast for Miley Cyrus and her Hunger Games actor fiance, Miley has very much distanced herself from doing anything that could potentially tarnish her relationship to Hemsworth, having realised that she couldn't see herself being with anybody else.

"Miley would have loved to have gone to the Met Gala and knows she would have totally rocked it with this year's theme of Fashion in the Age of Technology. However, being with Liam was more important," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"It was important for her to let him know that he and their relationship is her top priority. She wouldn't want to be anywhere else than with him right now," the insider concluded, stressing that Cyrus' priorities have drastically changed in the last couple of months.

Miley recently purchased a home near Liam Hemsworth out in Malibu — the duo isn't living together just yet, they have their own place but tend to spend a lot of time together. Right now, their living arrangements are working out splendid for the couple, and as they continue to move forward with their romance, so will their decision to finalize a wedding date.

Reports allege that Cyrus has turned down endless events in the last few months. On top of that, she has ditched the whole shock value image that has helped her sell millions of records with her last studio album, Bangerz.

Cyrus has solely dedicated her time to Liam, acknowledging how lucky she is to have been given another chance to make things right with the actor, whom she allegedly dumped for the sake of her music career in 2013.

While nothing has been finalised just yet, Miley Cyrus is hoping to marry Liam Hemsworth over the summer, and if things go the actor's way, he'll most likely want the ceremony to be held in Australia, where the two have spent a lot of time in recent weeks.

To catch the couple out together in public is rare, a source continued, adding that their relationship is very private this time around. Miley is being very considerate of Hemsworth's feelings toward some of the things she signs on for, such as attending the Met Gala.

It's not that he would have been bothered if she had decided to go, but Miley is devoted to proving to Liam she has changed from the girl she was just three years ago, when their romance crumbled and fell apart.

Do you think Miley Cyrus' change is genuine, and if so, do you think the relationship will last this time around?

[Photo by Jemal Countess and Steve Jennings/Getty Images]