Siberian Husky's Vicious Attack On Mini Poodle Caught On CCTV, Devastated Owner Threatens Dog Cafe With Hammer

A pet owner suffered a heartbreaking loss after a Siberian husky attacked her mini poodle at a dog cafe in Seoul.

On September 21, the owner of a mini poodle shared her devastating loss at an online forum. The owner revealed she left her poodle at a dog cafe in Seoul, and it was where the incident happened.

The CCTV footage from the cafe shows the Siberian husky approaching the mini poodle and violently biting the animal's neck. The attack proved to be too much to handle for the smaller dog. When the husky left, the mini poodle collapsed on the floor and died at the scene after spilling too much blood.

The owner of the mini poodle wants the dog cafe to take responsibility for what happened to her pet. It's still business as usual in the cafe, and she wants to seek legal action against the establishment for what happened to her pet.

AllKpop revealed the opinion of the dog cafe owner regarding the incident which took place in the establishment. The owner of the dog cafe claims the poodle's pet parent threatened the establishment and the lives of the employees working there. The owner added how they had to call the police when the poodle's owner caused a scene at the cafe.

The cafe owner explained that the owner of the Siberian husky already apologized to the mini poodle's owner. However, the poodle owner insists the husky should be put down. Aside from that, the poodle owner also wants the cafe to close down, and threatened to burn down the place if they don't succumb to her demands.

Dogs playing happily in Seoul's Dog Cafe
In Seoul, South Korea, customers can play with the dogs in a dog cafe. [Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

Aside from issuing threats, the cafe owner revealed the poodle owner went to the cafe carrying a hammer which was why they had to call the police to intervene. The police confirmed they had to escort the owner of the mini poodle out of the cafe who was causing a scene while wielding a hammer.

Many were wondering why the Siberian husky and mini poodle were sharing the same cage. This could have prevented this incident.

Watch the full footage of the Siberian husky's attack on the mini poodle below, but be warned that some viewers may find the footage disturbing.


[Featured Image by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]