Hulk Hogan Reveals How WWE Fired Him And The Real Reason He Believes They Let Him Go

wwe news hulk hogan fired racist told reason

A couple of years ago, a true legend was suddenly released by WWE after a videotape was leaked of him engaging in a racist conversation, and Hulk Hogan has now revealed how everything happened. Ever since his release from the company, the Hulkster hasn’t really spoken about it very much and has kept everything to himself. Now, he’s finally decided to talk about the night he was fired, how it happened, and why he feels they actually did it.

In 2015, WWE parted ways with Hogan and essentially scratched him from almost all existence. His sex tape was leaked to the media, and it included him making very racist comments against African-Americans and he was even angry at the idea of his daughter dating a black guy.

Hogan was a recent guest on OBJECTified, and he finally spoke on the entire situation with some comments that may not be what anyone expected. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Hogan didn’t even think WWE was going to fire him over this whole thing.

“When I heard this was going to happen, I called them on a Thursday or a Friday. As I hung up the phone that night, they fired me in the morning. It really caught me off guard, I didn’t expect it because the WWE knows who I am. I’m not that person, that’s not who I am and that’s not what I do.”

After being fired, Hogan was pretty much erased from history.

wwe news hulk hogan fired racist told reason

The former world champion has apologized for his comments and how things turned out between him, WWE, and the fans. This whole thing has “hit me hard,” as it is hard for him to see a 40-year career in wrestling and “it’s just gone,” but he understands why WWE did what they did.

“I think they did what was best for business. They were worried about losing sponsors and network support.”

There have been rumors over the last year that Hulk Hogan could return to WWE someday, and that is still very possible, but no one knows when it will happen. It’s interesting to see him speak out now about the situation that got him fired and how he didn’t even realize it was going to happen, but he respects their decision. This situation is now two years in the past, and talking about it may be the next step in him making his return.

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