WWE News: New Photo Shows The Undertaker Looking Older As His Wife Confirms The Legend’s Status

wwe news the undertaker retired photo old michelle mccool return

The Undertaker has not been seen around since WrestleMania 33, when he lost to Roman Reigns and reportedly retired, but he’s not completely in hiding. There is a man outside of the ring and the persona that so many have loved for a long time, but the rumors of him returning for one more big match keep swirling. Well, a new photo of “The Deadman” has ended up online, and there are a number of signs pointing to him being done for good.

When he set his coat, gloves, and hat down in the center of the ring at WrestleMania, virtually everyone believed we had seen the last of The Undertaker. It was thought that the loss to Roman Reigns was his ride off into the sunset to complete a fantastic career.

Still, the rumors keep popping up that he’s going to come back and get revenge against Reigns or start a new feud with this superstar or that. The man is 52-years-old and wrestled for nearly three decades of his life which would take a toll on anyone, and it really does seem as if his time in the ring is over.

Wrestling Inc. came across a new candid photo of The Undertaker posted online by his wife, and some major hints are dropped at his future.

As you can see, The Undertaker is dressed normally, as he’s not going to look like his wrestling persona when out in public. He’s let his goatee drain of color, but he actually looks relaxed and comfortable, just living life with his wife and visiting his child’s school.

While some may think his look in this photo means he won’t return, they obviously missed some pics from earlier this year before his WrestleMania 33 match. The Undertaker was completely grayed out and walking around with canes due to a recent surgery, but he still performed in the big bout against Reigns.

The clue in this photo that his wrestling career is completely behind him is the hashtag of #retiredlife place in the caption by Michelle McCool. Of course, she also played with the minds of the wrestling fans with the other hashtag of #keepsthemguessing to really throw everyone off.

wwe news the undertaker retired photo old michelle mccool return

If The Undertaker never wrestles another match as long as he lives, no one really has any right to be upset about it or fault him for that. He has done virtually every single thing in a wrestling career that any man or woman would ever want to accomplish. This new photo shows that he is relaxing in his life and allowing himself to be who he really is. Maybe he is looking a bit older and enjoying “retired life,” but he’s earned that. Don’t you think?

[Featured Image by WWE]