‘BB19’ Raven Talks About Paul, Says She Ran Show With Him, Met Him Before ‘BB19,’ Likes To Drink His Kool-Aid

Following Wednesday night’s Big Brother 19 finale, fans were given insight into the thoughts, feelings, and gameplay of BB19 houseguests, as they made the rounds in backyard interviews with media. One of those cast members, Raven Walton, opened up during one of these inquiries about her relationship with Paul Abrahamian and the fact that she had met him prior to the start of the season.

As Raven made her interview rounds, she stopped to speak to Rob Cesternino of RHAP, who had a number of questions for the former BB19 jury member.

At one point, Rob asked Raven how instrumental she was in helping Paul dominate the Big Brother 19 game. She said that until the moment she was evicted from the BB19 house, she was helping Paul pull strings in the game. She noted that she knew “everyone’s eviction,” even her own.

Prior to the commencement of Big Brother 19, there was speculation that Raven had met or knew Paul due to an Instagram photo she posted that featured her standing next to Paul with his arm around her. Raven had also revealed to Matthew Clines, her BB19 showmance partner, about two weeks into the game that she had met Paul in March and that was the reason they got along so well, according to Online Big Brother.

When confronted by Rob about the meeting with Paul, Raven said, “I knew this was coming.” She said Paul’s band, Strange Faces, was touring in Arkansas. She admitted that when she and Paul met they immediately connected, had an “instant friendship,” and according to her “it was instant love.”

Rob asked if Paul remembered her from their prior meeting upon entering the Big Brother 19 house, causing Raven to smile and nod, as she said, “Big time. Big time…”

Rob delved further into Raven’s thoughts on Paul, asking her a RHAP fan question that read, “What was your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid that Paul made in the house and was it good?”

Straight-faced, Raven answered, “It was like a cherry flavor… it was delicious. Anything Paul makes honestly is good…”

During the backyard interview with RHAP, Raven also discussed her relationship with Matt in the BB19 game, saying it is very special and the two have bonded on a very deep level.

Rob also learned from Raven that her mother is not now in Mensa, but is eligible to be part of the organization. She also reiterated her mother had been struck by lightning but was not hurt because the bolt hit her mother’s car, went through the steering wheel, and her mother was wearing rubber-soled shoes. Raven also said her mother could run a mile in under six minutes but fell ill before she could compete professionally.

Although this season of Big Brother 19 is over, in just a few months Celebrity Big Brother will premiere on CBS this winter.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]