WWE News: Roman Reigns Says How He Really Feels About John Cena

Roman Reigns and John Cena are preparing for their huge WWE match coming up at No Mercy this Sunday. So far, the feud between the two men has only included promos where they insult each other and deliver behind-the-scenes shoot comments that only dedicated online fans might understand. Some of their shots have gone below the belt, and Roman Reigns spoke to CBS Sports about the feud and revealed his true feelings about John Cena.

It’s Just Business In The WWE

When it comes to Roman Reigns and John Cena, the two are really just working together for the WWE and there is nothing more to the relationship than that. Roman said that he and John have always been “cordial” but they are not friends “by any means.”

However, while Reigns is clear that the two men are not friends heading into the No Mercy pay-per-view match, Roman did say that there is respect when it comes to the WWE and business side of professional wrestling. Reigns said that this match is special because they do respect each other and are really competing against one another.

The promos have been hard and heavy. Roman Reigns has pointed out that people hate John Cena and that Cena is just a talker who buries people and doesn’t care about anything but his own spot in the company. However, Reigns also has said some things that made no sense, such as how Cena was not at Monday Night Raw this week because he is “Hollywood.” John was in China representing the WWE.

However, on the other side of the ring, John Cena has said things that a lot of fans online have been saying for the last three years. Roman Reigns was pushed to the top without earning it. He is just the “next John Cena.” He is a bad promo and isn’t working hard enough to be the best. It may be business, but these comments have to hurt.

Roman Reigns Says He Doesn’t Care

However, when asked about the comments, Roman Reigns said that he doesn’t care about what John Cena said and that he has taken nothing that Cena said about him to heart. However, at the time time, Roman said that he doesn’t care what John really thinks about him and then explained why.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Says How He Really Feels About John Cena

According to Roman Reigns, when you care about what someone thinks about you, and then they stab you in the back, it hurts. Roman said that he doesn’t care what someone like John Cena thinks about him so it doesn’t affect him if he gets stabbed in the back.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Says How He Really Feels About John Cena

One thing that Roman Reigns did give John Cena credit for was his improvement as a promo man. Cena said in their first promo shoot against each other on Monday Night Raw that Roman has not cut a good promo in the years that he has been in the WWE.

According to Reigns, he has gotten better at it and that is credited to him working with Cena in this program. John Cena and Roman Reigns will battle each other at No Mercy this Sunday night on pay-per-view and on the WWE Network.

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