‘Quiet’ — Girl Heard In Rubble Of School In Mexico Earthquake Puts Rescuers In Frantic Mode

Rescuers confirm they see one child beneath the rubble of the school, and they are frantically trying to reach her. They believe there could be more children still alive under the rubble that was left behind in a building collapse after the Mexico earthquake. Conflicting reports indicate they’ve heard the voices of at least three children, and they are following those noises in their digging efforts of trying to free those buried alive under the tons of concrete. Other reports are conveying just one child has been spotted in the rubble, according to Fox News’ live coverage.

One child was able to convey to rescuers that she can feel others around her, but she doesn’t know if they are dead or alive, according to ABC News. This little girl has been identified as Frida Sofia, and she is close enough to the rescuers that they were able to see her. The wreckage sifted drastically early this morning, hampering the rescue efforts even more, reports the Mirror.

An eerie silence falls over the large rescue area when the “quiet” signs are held up and “silence” is shouted in Spanish. Everyone stands completely still as the rescuers listen for sounds below the school rubble. It is like a volume switch for the noise turning it to mute when it is time to listen, which happens frequently, as shown on Fox News during their live coverage.

CNN reports that Frida is 12-years-old, and while the rescue efforts have turned frantic while trying to get to the child, Admiral Jose Luis Vergara “warned of premature reports that a rescue is imminent.”

Once rescuers made contact with the student, Frida Sofia, they managed to get water and oxygen down to the child, but she is buried under concrete slabs, which are hampering the rescue effort. The little girl is trapped under a granite table or desk, which is believed to have given her some protection from the collapsed slabs of concrete, according to officials.

The school was in session when the earthquake hit, burying the students, teachers, and staff under tons of rubble. A pediatrician is on site to treat any children who may still be alive and pulled from the earthquake wreckage, but that is not an easy feat. As time goes by, the hopes are fading that survivors will be found in the air pockets and spaces formed in the collapse.

According to the rescuers, there is a giant block of concrete between them and Frida Sophia, who is estimated about three or four feet underneath where the rescuers are digging.

The latest reports from ABC News, which has a reporter on the site of that rescue effort, indicate that they are only three to four feet above where the child and possibly other children are still alive, but it is the heavy concrete that won’t let them immediately get to them. So far, 25 children and teachers from that school are confirmed dead.

The scene is busy and noisy, but as soon as the cardboard “quiet” signs are held up and “silence” is yelled out in Spanish, the scene becomes serenely quiet. This is when the rescue workers listen for those knocks and voices of the trapped children.

[Featured Image by Natacha Pisarenko/AP Images]