Facebook Goes Crazy, Says Users Are Secretly Following You: Find Out About This Hoax

Sometimes, once you post something on Facebook, it starts to go crazy. The latest post being spread around is about how you have followers you didn’t even know about. Snopes was able to get to the bottom of this and shared that it is all a hoax. The post on Facebook explains how you can block the people you think are following you. People are posting all about how many followers they have found.

Snopes says this all started in January of 2017, and at that time, the hoax stated that these people were being paid to watch your page, which wasn’t true either. Now, the post is talking about how Facebook users are finding a bunch of people who are following them that they don’t even know. The post explains how to go to Facebook and find these people. It then explains how to block all of them individually on your page so they can’t follow you anymore.

But here is what is really going on. When you do what you are told to find these fake Facebook followers, you are actually just finding people with the string “Me” somewhere in their screen names or profiles, not a list of accounts of people who are secretly following you. Of course, you are going to find a ton of people who have that in their name. You are now blocking random people who aren’t even following you.

A lot of people were really freaked out by this and thought that they were being followed by accounts they didn’t know. As it turns out, this isn’t the case at all and there is nothing to worry about when you see these posts on Facebook.

Anyone who uses Facebook knows there are a lot of hoaxes that go around on the site. AL shared that another recent hoax stated that all Dollar Tree stores are going to be closing, and this isn’t true at all. It was shared over 100,000 times, but it wasn’t true. You always have to check stuff out on Facebook before sharing it with your friends.

Did you fall for the Facebook hoax stating that you had several followers you didn’t know about? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]