‘Tsurezure Children’ Season 2 Release Date: ‘Tsuredure Children’ Manga Enough For Second Anime – DVD Announced

The Tsurezure Children Season 2 release date needs to come quickly in 2018, especially after how Episode 12 teased audiences with the obligatory beach episode. Worse, the anime version covered less than half of the couples contained in the lengthy manga source material. But will there be a future to the Tsuredure Children anime?

The Tsurezure Children manga (it’s also known as Tsuredure Children or Tsurezure Chirudoren) started life in October of 2012 as “Toshiya Wakabayashi’s 4-koma comic collection” on pixiv. Eventually, the author was picked up by Bessatsu Shounen Magazine in September of 2014, but when the manga moved to Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2015 he redrew the webcomic art for the first 29 chapters and added more chapters. (The script remained the same although Chapter 34 lines up with the original’s Chapter 29.)

As of this article’s publishing, the manga is up to Tsurezure Children Volume 8, which was published in June of 2017. The manga updates every week on Wednesdays. The next three volumes will be released along with the anime DVD discs (see below for more details).

Kodansha USA has started digitally publishing the Tsurezure Children English translation. The first two volumes can be purchased through Amazon Kindle or Comixology. The English Tsurezure Children Volume 3 is scheduled to be released on September 26, 2017.

The first physical volume has yet to be published, although Anime News Network previously reported that “Kodansha Comics confirmed with ANN that… it plans to complete all digital-first titles. Digital-first titles can potentially receive print releases in the future.”

Tsurezure Children Manga Compared To The Anime

The anime scriptwriter Tatsuhiko Urahata faced a tough challenge with this TV anime adaptation. The manga source material has over 48 characters (or about 24 relationships) and yet he was expected to squeeze everything into 12-minute episodes contained in a single-cour season. It should not be too surprising that the choice was made to focus on only a handful of the couples since otherwise there would not have been time for a coherent relationship progression for the full list of Tsurezure Children characters.

The short anime has a crowded cast but their relationships still manage to be endearing. It’s quite noticeable that the anime story tried to give some sort of closure to Takano X Sugawara and Chiaki X Kana in a manner that paralleled the source material. The 4-Koma manga has two columns per page and each column was dedicated to a couple, which meant the manga jumped back and forth between the two couples just like the anime.

Takano and Sugawara’s relationship has only just started in the anime finale, but there are many couples that haven’t been introduced yet. Fortunately for those wanting a manga reading guide, a Batoto forum user named Osakanon has created a list for the Tankobon release order. Besides being in chronological order, the chapters are usually listed with the couple/relationship involved, so readers can skip the stories they’ve already watched in the anime.

The anime covered up to Chapter 81, “Summer Begins Part Two” of the manga, which is also the ending of Tsurezure Children Volume 5. Never mind all the skipped content, once Volume 11 is released in the coming months, there will be six volumes of manga available as source material for creating the second season of Tsuredure Children.

Tsurezure Children DVD Release Date: Anime Packaged With Manga Volumes 9, 10, And 11

Kodansha has officially announced the Tsurezure Children DVD release date. The anime series will be split into three DVD discs each containing four episodes. As previously mentioned, the anime is being bundled with the next three volumes of the manga.

The release date for Tsurezure Children Volume 9 is October 17, 2017, in Japan. The special edition costs 3,600 yen and will include anime Episodes 1 through 4. It also includes a ticket for an upcoming DVD purchase event being held in February of 2018 in Tokyo.

The release date for Tsurezure Children Volume 10 is November 17, 2017, in Japan. The special edition costs 3,600 yen and will include anime Episodes 5 through 8.

The release date for Tsurezure Children Volume 11 is March 16, 2018, in Japan. The special edition costs 3,600 yen and will include anime Episodes 9 through 12.

As of this article’s publishing, a Tsurezure Children Blu-ray disc box set has not been announced.

Tsurezure Children Anime

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Release Date

As of this publishing, anime production company Studio Gokumi has not announced anything official about the Tsurezure Children Season 2 release date, although this article will be updated as soon as the anime sequel’s premiere is confirmed. However, there can be reasonable speculation about when, or if, the Tsuredure Children Season 2 air date may occur.

Many anime are released to boost the sales number of the source material and that definitely seems to be the plan with the Tsuredure Children manga. The book volumes have reached the top 50 on the Oricon charts, with Tsurezure Children Volume 8 ranking 31 with 23,488 copies sold in its first week. By the second week, the novel ranked 36 with 46,599 copies sold. By the third week, the book was no longer on the top 50 chart.

MyAnimeList currently gives the anime a solid 7.93 rating, which means it’s considered almost “very good” by fans. Any chance of watching Tsurezure Children Season 2 in the future depends entirely on the manga/DVD sales during the coming months. However, the revenue from international streaming sites like Crunchyroll is definitely a factor, and so far, the anime has been popular.

Tsurezure Children Season 2 Spoilers

If Tsurezure Children Season 2 is the same length as the first, it will consist mostly of episodes covering the remaining couples. The anime covered less than half of the character cast, so these spoilers will briefly discuss the missing characters and couples rather than focus on plot.

Fans of the Tsurezure Children anime are hoping the second season will go back in time to introduce the couples that were skipped in the first season. Some of the earlier interactions with missing characters are critical to developing the couples further, so unless the anime makes script changes the second season should introduce characters like Alice Himemiya.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Alice Himemiya

This member of the cooking club has yandere tendencies and is in love with Haruhiko Takase, which turns Saki Kanda into Alice’s love rival. She had several early chapters with Takase and Kanda that were cut from the anime, but she goes from acting very insane to chilling out over time. Alice also has her own admirer, Noro Akimasa, who was the orange-haired guy in Tsurezure Children Episode 12.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Matsuura Ayane And Urara

Matsuura Ayane and Urara are one of the few platonic relationships in the manga. Ayane showed up in Episodes 3 and 12 and she’s the Vice President of the Drama Club. She struggles to help her kouhais (juniors in school or at work) like the ditzy Urara, who fails miserably at acting.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Enomoto And Motoyama

Enomoto transferred into Motoyama’s class after living in the countryside. They became friends after he helped her using his bike. The two make an odd duo since she’s an extroverted country girl and he struggles with how to be friends with a girl.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Keisuke and Patty

Patty, or Patricia, pretty much stole the winning goal of the soccer match in the anime. Both she and Keisuke have been shown up in the anime but their “sushi” has not yet been fully developed. Patty is an energetic American who often misunderstands Japanese concepts, while Keisuke tries to hide pervy thoughts under a calm demeanor.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Chiba Sayaka And Professor Kirihara

Chiba Sayaka has fallen hard for her teacher, Professor Kirihara. What makes the situation humorous is that he knows she is in love with a teacher, yet does not know it’s him. Kirihara does his best to remain pure while Chiba tries to seduce the older man.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Souma Chirhio And Saejima

Souma Chihiro and Seajima are both in the karate club together. The older girl misunderstands her kouhai and mistakenly comes to believe they are dating. On the other hand, Souma thinks his senpai is simply putting him through odd training exercises.

Erika Shibasaki Mask And Ubukata

Erika Shibasaki is the President of the quiet and dainty Tea Ceremony Club yet she secretly wants to be a rock musician. She becomes a guitarist as the masked “Miss Wabisabi” (everyone knows it’s her) and begins to have sexual tension with band leader Ubukata.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Sonobe And Nashimoto Yukari

Nashimoto Yukari enjoys eating but is very self-conscious about her weight despite not being fat at all. Kazuya Sonobe loves how happy she appears when eating so he is constantly trying to feed her more food.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Sunagawa Yoshiharu and Toda Fuyumi

Sunagawa Yoshiharu and Toda Fuyumi have an odd relationship because they both speak in a monotone voice to each other and have trouble expressing emotion with their faces. The girl is initially cold and hostile before warming up over time.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Tojo Mai And Ogiue

Ogiue is convinced that Tojo Mai must hate him. Every time he’s near her, she gets upset and screams a lot. Problem is, she actually likes the guy and is simply flustered by his presence.

Tsurezure Children Manga Characters Yamada And Onizuka Kimihito

The final set of new characters in Tsurezure Children Season 2 is the extroverted Yamada and the introverted Onizuka Kimihito. The boy secretly wants to be a rapper, but when she catches him composing a rap, he is mortified. Fortunately for him, she loves the idea and becomes his biggest fan.

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