‘Big Brother 19:’ Julie Chen Thinks Jury Blew It, Says Paul Was Robbed Of ‘BB19’ Grand Prize

Big Brother 19 is a done deal, but the finale did not play out the way returning player Paul Abrahamian had planned. Abrahamian was the mastermind behind nearly every move in the Big Brother 19 game, but he fell short in the final jury vote. Many Big Brother fans were stunned that Paul didn’t pull off the win this year after coming in second place last season. And now, even show host Julie Chen thinks the Big Brother veteran was robbed of the grand prize after a bitter jury cast their votes in favor of Josh Martinez.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie Chen revealed that she thought the vote would be either a landslide for Paul or a win for Josh by two votes. Chen was most surprised that Paul’s former wing woman, Alex Ow, didn’t bury the hatchet and throw a vote his way even though he betrayed her. Chen thinks Paul Abrahamian deserved to win Big Brother 19, even if the jury didn’t.

“I think the jury made the wrong choice,” Julie told EW. “Paul was robbed.”

While she admits “Josh was no slouch” and won competitions, the Big Brother hostess said it was his conscience that helped him because he didn’t mislead the other houseguests the way Paul did.

Julie Chen thinks Paul Abrahamian is more embarrassed by his Big Brother loss than anything.

“You could feel his frustration with himself for miscalculating how the jury would ultimately vote,” Julie said.

“He should have shown more remorse in his final plea to the jury. And he shouldn’t have been making faces during Josh’s speech to the jury.”

In his own interview with Entertainment Weekly, Paul admitted his second consecutive loss on Big Brother was a bitter pill to swallow. In his mind, the Big Brother vote would have been 6-3 in his favor. Paul was also surprised that Alex didn’t keep her word to vote for him.

“Alex gave me her word to give me her vote and she said she would fight for me in jury, but she didn’t,” Paul told EW. “She did the exact opposite, it seems like. So I guess I had the numbers wrong in my head. I don’t know who I could have been up there with and won seeing as how all the things that I did managed the jury to be upset with me.”

Paul Abrahamian said he thinks Josh Martinez played a good Big Brother game, but that he probably only made it to the end because he attached to the veteran in the game. Paul said he definitely feels that he put in a lot more “footwork” than Josh did this season on Big Brother.

The two-time Big Brother runner-up was also surprised that the jury tossed the win to Josh when it was clear in his goodbye messages that Paul was the mastermind behind the plans. Paul admitted that Josh had a better understanding of the jury and their emotions than he did.

“I guess throwing me under the bus was the best gameplay for him. So it worked,” Paul said.

You can see Julie Chen revealing the Big Brother 19 vote below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]