Celebrity Big Brother USA: When Does It Start, And Who’s Going To Be On It?

Celebrity Big Brother USA is coming this winter, although details about the show – when does it start? who is going to be on it? – have been hard to come by. Now, courtesy of Romper, is what we know for certain of the celebrity edition of the fan favorite.

It Will Most Likely Coincide With The Winter Olympics on NBC

Generally, when NBC is hosting the Olympics, other networks drag out reruns, apparently believing that viewers at home would be watching the Olympics so there’s no point in putting up new programming that viewers won’t watch. CBS has apparently seen the flaw in that logic (as Variety reports, NBC’s Olympics rating can most charitably be described as “woeful“) and has decided to risk putting up first-run content during the Olympics.

As Julie Chen told the New York Post, at least some viewers would rather watch original content on CBS than whatever is happening in South Korea.

“Can you imagine while the Olympics are running the figure skating competition [that] we have our classic Big Brother Slip ‘n Slide competition with celebrities? Who’s turning away from us? Not me!”

NBC’s coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics begins on Friday, February 9, so expect Celebrity Big Brother USA to air around that time.

It Will Be Shorter Than Regular Big Brother Seasons, But Everything Else Will Stay The Same

Big Brother 19, the most recent installment in the U.S. version of the franchise, lasted from June 28 until September 20 — a period of 84 days.

Don’t expect Celebrity Big Brother USA to last that long, although how long it will last is unclear. As mentioned above, CBBUSA will, at least in part, coincide with the Winter Olympics. The Olympics, for what it’s worth, are only scheduled to last 16 days, so CBBUSA will doubtless last longer than the Olympics.

Otherwise, expect much of the same as you would from any regular Big Brother installment. Julie Chen will still host; there will be several episodes each week; and there will, of course, be the usual zany competitions, the usual Haves and Have Nots, and so on.

We Don’t Yet Know Who Will Be On, But We Have A Good Idea Of Who Won’t Be On It

Although CBS is mum on who will be on the show (or even who has been asked to be on it), Julie Chen made it clear that A-list celebrities won’t be in the competition.

“It’s not going to be all Oscar-winners.”

Fans have already put together something of a wish-list, which includes YouTuber Shane Dawson and Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

Expect CBS to release more information about Celebrity Big Brother USA in the coming weeks and months.

[Featured Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]