Kevin Hart Cheating Video, Montia Sabbag Press Conference: $327.70 For Sold-Out Hart Tickets In Columbus, GA

According to Google on Thursday, September 21, searchers are interested in several things in the wake of the alleged Kevin Hart cheating scandal. First off, plenty of people are Googling “Kevin Hart video” and “Kevin Hart and Montia Sabbag hotel video.” As reported by the Inquisitr, the celebrity website Fameolous was the first to publish the NSFW sex tape allegedly showing Hart and Sabbag in a Las Vegas hotel room. Although Fameolous suffered the consequences of that cheating video publication and had their Instagram account shut down four times and lost 624,000 Instagram followers, that scandalous video of Kevin and Montia has been republished many times on social media with the Fameoulous name stamped all over it.

Google Trends also reports an upsurge in interest in the Sabbag press conference video, wherein Montia appeared at the law firm of her attorney, Lisa Bloom, to clarify the notion that she was a stripper. Although TMZ called Montia a “traveling stripper” who allegedly showed up at clubs and booked herself as a stripper, Montia denied those claims. Sabbag called herself an actress and a victim of someone who secretly recorded her hookup with Hart. Although Montia admitted to having an “intimate relationship” with the married Hart — which happened during the weekend that Eniko Hart, Kevin’s wife, celebrated her 33rd birthday — Sabbag would not answer questions about whether Montia knew Kevin was married.

Also on the minds of Googlers is Hart’s upcoming comedy show on Saturday, September 23 at 7 p.m. According to the River Center, the sold-out show will take place at the River Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Columbus, Georgia. The interest in Hart’s comedy show has increased in the wake of the alleged cheating scandal, with viewers likely wondering if Kevin will spill his guts about the sex tape scandal — or if Hart will keep mum about the situation.

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Hart has been known to open his soul about the things he has claimed to have done wrong, such as cheating on his first wife, Torrei Hart. Due to the high interest in the Hart comedy show, StubHub reports prices for Hart’s Columbus show surging upwards of $327.70 for two tickets as of this writing. Kevin’s show might be a fertile ground for quips about the sex tape controversy, or Hart may steer clear of making jokes regarding the extortion attempt. In spite of the tickets being for sale online, the River Center website reports their “zero tolerance policy for ticket scalping” and warns against buying fake tickets. On eBay, tickets to Hart’s Long Beach show are selling for nearly $1,700 for a set of four tickets.

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