‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Beds Steffy – Revenge Sex Destroys Liam?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) will lash out when he loses Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) over this Spectra fire scheme. We saw Bill and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) hug, and then he touched her hair tenderly. But don’t mistake it, Bill isn’t falling for Steffy – he’s got a revenge plot simmering in his evil brain, and it’s all about punishing Liam (Scott Clifton). Bill seems contrite now, but as Brooke said, he’s not sorry he did it, he’s sorry he got caught. Here’s what is coming next.

Bill losing Brooke breaks him

B&B history tells us that Bill’s love for Brooke is obsessive and he will be crushed when he loses her. Right now, he’s acting contrite and telling her things got out of hand and that he’s sorry. Now that Brooke walked out, if it’s for good, Bill will turn to revenge. If he can’t have Brooke, all bets are off and so are the gloves!

Bill felt justified burning Spectra Fashions and is only upset it didn’t work out. Bill will blame Liam for ruining his life because Bill can’t accept that it was his fault that he ruined his chance with Brooke. He needs to blame Liam, and that leads to trouble. Spoilers from Soap Digest say Liam pushes back hard.

Bill and Steffy’s steamy history

Longtime Bold watchers know that long before Steffy wedded and bedded both Liam and Wyatt (Darin Brooks), she was obsessed with Bill. She tried to seduce Bill and even stole Katie’s (Heather Tom) engagement ring to mess with him. Steffy tried again with Bill when Thomas (the now departed Pierson Fode) was lost at sea. But there was no sex then.

Later, Bill and Steffy almost did the deed again, but then he went back to Katie when her heart trouble flared up. That means there are years of simmering sexual tension between Steffy and Bill and we saw just a glimpse of that heat when he touched her hair while she comforted him earlier this week. They were very handsy with each other.

Stealing Steffy is ultimate revenge on Liam

Bold and Beautiful spoilers predict that once Bill sees that he’s lost Brooke, all thoughts will turn to punishing Liam. If Bill can’t get back Spencer Publications from his blackmailing son, the least he can do is get revenge. Taking Steffy is one sure way to hurt Liam, but there’s no coming back from this.

Steffy loves Liam, but after seeing him hugging Sally (Courtney Hope) and finding out he gave her the real estate to rebuild her business, she’ll be hurt and jealous. Steffy assumes (wrongly) that Sally is after her man, and that makes her vulnerable to seduction by Bill. This will all be a big mess.

Bill burns any shot at getting back with Brooke

If there was any chance that Brooke would take him back, sleeping with Steffy will kill it. Ridge will be furious to see his daughter in Bill’s clutches. Brooke will see the seduction as the most despicable thing Bill has ever done. But once Dollar Bill decides to go after revenge, he’s ruthless.

Bold spoilers tease that Bill decides if he can’t have happily ever after with Brooke, he might as well wreck Liam’s life and get the revenge he so desperately wants. There’s no telling how far B&B might go with this. Steffy might even turn up pregnant and not know which Spencer is her baby daddy.

How far will B&B go with this revenge scheme?

What’s twisted about this Bold and the Beautiful spoilers scenario is that Liam was the “good” Spencer, the one everyone thought was a Boy Scout. But if Bill succeeds in seducing Steffy and wrecking Liam’s happy life, we might finally see Liam’s dark side emerge.

Bill is playing with fire because if Liam turns dark with as much passion as he does good, he could be the fiercest opponent that Bill ever faces. Maybe Bill will wise up before he lures Steffy into his bed and ruins all their lives. We’ll see what happens with upcoming Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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