WWE News: Braun Strowman Warns Conor McGregor Ahead Of Possible WWE Career, Names His Dream Match

With WWE rumors of MMA star Conor McGregor eventually joining WWE, one of the biggest superstars in the company has sent him a serious warning. Braun Strowman is known as the “Monster Amongst Men” within the WWE based on his imposing size and destructive ways. He’s defeated Roman Reigns more than a few times and even put him in an ambulance before picking up that ambulance and pushing it over. At SummerSlam, he seemed to incapacitate Universal Champion Brock Lesnar by smashing him through a table and dumping it on top him. Strowman most recently destroyed Enzo Amore who is much smaller and now a part of WWE’s 205 Live. That’s fitting based on the recent comments Strowman has made towards UFC’s Conor McGregor.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Braun Strowman spoke about a range of topics including his friendship with Charlotte Flair, his matches with Big Show, Conor McGregor joining the WWE, and his pro wrestling dream match. Strowman mentioned that he will hold the matches he against the Big Show “near and dear” as they were some great battles in the ring between two guys who are over 6-foot-6. He also said he went to school at a small college right down the road from where Charlotte Flair lived and the two are good friends who both ended up with WWE.

WWE star Braun Strowman issues warning to Conor McGregor

As far as Conor McGregor goes, Strowman suggested the MMA star could make it in WWE, but only if he stays with the Cruiserweights.

“McGregor might make it on 205 Live, but he doesn’t want to step in the ring with me.”

Strowman has made that perfectly clear based on his destruction of smaller stars including former unknown James Ellsworth, Kalisto, and most recently Enzo Amore. The 205 Live star was in the middle of cutting a promo on this past week’s Raw and was soon smashed down by Strowman before being dragged to the ring for more damage. That’s just one example of the type of destruction that Braun can bring inside and outside of a professional wrestling ring.

There’s clearly a size difference and while McGregor is considered one bad man in MMA, he probably wouldn’t want to try to compete against the biggest superstars in WWE. As of right now, McGregor is nowhere near the WWE or Strowman, as far as anyone knows. However, several women’s MMA stars have started to make the move, and eventually one would have to think McGregor might transition to professional wrestling as well.

Plenty of WWE superstars have seemed to be on board for it and realize it would make money for the company. Among those who have been queried by TMZ or other media sources about McGregor joining the professional wrestling business are The Miz and Chris Jericho. Of those two stars, Jericho seemed to believe that McGregor could put on a convincing match with an opponent of any size, just as Jericho has done since WWE is also about storytelling. Still, Braun’s warning seems realistic. At this point, nobody significantly smaller should want to mess with him.

WWE's Braun Strowman stares at Neville the Cruiserweight Champion

In terms of a dream match in the ring, Strowman listed off a match that fans won’t ever see live but could play on the WWE 2K18 video game. His preferred opponent would be the legendary Andre the Giant, the man who set the bar high for all future big men to come. So far, it appears Braun Strowman is following in the footsteps quite well as he prepares for a huge one-on-one bout this Sunday against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.

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