Dr. Will Kirby Is The Star Of The ‘BB19’ After-Show With Epic Backyard Interview With Raven Walton

Big Brother 19 marked the return of the show’s biggest legend and original mastermind, Dr. Will Kirby. Not only did Dr. Will return to host the jury roundtable as he has done for the past several years, but he took over Jeff Schroeder’s role as host of the Big Brother backyard interviews. Kirby brought his wit and charm to the Big Brother backyard—and maybe a little bit of snark—as he interviewed this season’s most delusional houseguest, Raven Walton.

There are no hard and fast rules in Big Brother, but Will is a master at killing them with kindness (with the exception of his iconic “I hate you all speech” back in Season 2, and even that worked in his favor). For this season, Will poured on the charm as he interviewed Raven in the Big Brother backyard shortly after the Season 19 winner, Josh Martinez, was crowned, telling her he was impressed with her gameplay and maturity in the Big Brother jury. Kirby praised Walton for not being a bitter juror, unlike many of her fellow Big Brother castmates.

Dr. Will also asked Raven how she managed to snag “the hottest guy in the house,” Matt Clines.

Walton revealed the couple “bonded over doing dishes and being clean freaks,” and she cited their love for a good prank.

“We never fought in the house,” Raven said of her relationship with Matt.

“We threw cinnamon on each other and milk and Sprite…that’s just foreplay.”

Raven Walton got a bit teary-eyed when Dr. Will Kirby asked her if she thinks her romance with Matt will last. Raven said she plans to continue her relationship with Matt and she revealed that they have already talked about adopting children because she already knows she can never have kids.

Will Kirby was extremely nice to Raven Walton as he talked to her about her Big Brother game. Dr. Delicious stroked Raven’s ego, which made for an entertaining interview.

Of course, Dr. Will Kirby may have been extra nice to Raven because she has already declared that her entire game was inspired by him. In a previous interview, Walton compared herself to the Big Brother legend.

“I didn’t get much blood on my hands; which was my strategy,” Walton said of her Big Brother game, according to Global TV. “I was going for a Will Kirby. He didn’t win a single HoH, which was how he avoided getting blood on his hands. My strategy was to play the best social game so that everyone would like me and in the end, it would be hard for them not to vote for me.”

Of course, Big Brother diehards know Raven Walton is no Dr. Will Kirby. Their Big Brother gameplay was like night and day and they have little in common outside of their love for the Big Brother game. The freakishly handsome Dr. Will Kirby may have said it best while interviewing the Arkansas dance instructor. After Raven Walton delivered an “Arkansassy” anecdote, Kirby said, “You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country of Raven.”

You can see Dr. Will Kirby’s interview with Raven Walton in the Big Brother backyard below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]