Mikhail Elinsky: Russian Man Decapitated 18-Month-Old Girl, Brandished Her Head In The Street

Mikhail Elinsky decapitated an 18-month-old girl and then paraded the dead girl’s head in the street after he was released from a psychiatric hospital, with the disturbing event all caught on video.

The incident happened in Russia, where police say the man killed his young relative and then turned a knife on the girl’s mother, his niece, causing serious injuries. As the Mirror reported, Elinsky had been in a psychiatric hospital after killing a woman six years ago. He was set to be released, but the man’s niece pleaded with authorities to keep him locked up, saying she feared he would be a danger.

That prediction turned out to be prescient, as the man targeted the family members in what police described as a brutal and unprovoked attack. Tatiana, the man’s niece, said she was preparing to go out with her daughter, who was sitting on a tricycle, when the attacker snatched the child and ran to a kitchen. Mihkail allegedly closed the door behind him and began to cut the girl. Tatiana said she tried to stop Mikhail Elinsky as he began to attack the young girl with a butcher knife, but she was stabbed in the abdomen and unable to stop the attack.

Elinsky allegedly decapitated the young girl and then carried her severed head into a public street, the Mirror reported.

The disturbing incident was caught on video, showing police confronting a bloody Elinsky as he brandished a knife and refused to surrender. Some censored images from the video can be seen below.

Police eventually shot Mikhail Elinsky to stop the attack. The 41-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital and later died of his injuries.

Local officials are now under fire for their decision to release Mikhail Elinsky, who had been sentenced to a psychiatric hospital for a nearly identical knife attack that claimed the life of a young woman six years ago. Elinsky had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, the Metro reported, but he was recently deemed healthy and allowed to leave the hospital and return to society over the protests of his family members.

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