‘BB19’ Live Feed Update: Paul, Josh, Christmas Offer America Final Farewell, Dance And Hug In Kitchen [Video]

With the end of another season drawing near, the final three Big Brother 19 houseguests got together on Wednesday morning to offer America a final farewell as they prepared for the live finale of the show, set to take place later this evening. Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, and Christmas Abbott hugged and expressed their affection for one another during their goodbye message, following which Josh insisted some dancing take place for old times’ sake.

At around 9:42 a.m. BB19 house time, according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates, Paul, Josh, and Christmas gathered in the kitchen area and stood before one of the live feed cameras.

Christmas said she wanted to hug both of her remaining cast mates and the three engaged in a group embrace. The players called themselves “Team Misfits” and Josh stated they were the “coolest misfits in the world.” Josh told Paul and Christmas he loved them and they returned the sentiment saying, “…love you too.”

After the hug seemed to go on a bit too long, Paul noted he had to urinate, so Josh loosened his embrace and Christmas was able to stand between the two men, as they all looked up at the camera.

Josh raised his arm as he smiled and said, “Team Misfits.” A grinning Paul gave viewers the peace sign, and said, “Thanks for watching America.” Paul added he hoped fans had “fun with all the pickle juice and boys.”

Josh interjected and said, “…and all the craziness and love and friendship.”

All three houseguests, including Christmas, then said, “Bye” to the live feed viewers, as Paul noted, “See you in like… eight hours.”

Not long after Josh ran up to the camera to greet his family, saying it was the last time he’d be talking to them from inside the Big Brother 19 house, and how the last day in the game would be the “coolest day ever.” He decided a few minutes later that he and Paul must do “one last dance” before they exit the BB19 abode.

Josh began singing the circus theme song he loved to croon all season long, minus the pots and pans he used to enjoy banging at the same time. He and Paul locked elbows and began kicking and dancing in a circle, as Josh belted out the familiar tune.

In the end, the two men hugged and Josh, in Spanish, told Paul he loves him very much.

See the video below in which the final three BB19 houseguests bid America adieu (Warning: Video contains strong language).

Live feed spoilers have revealed the current status of each Big Brother 19 player left in the game. Paul won the first part of the last Head of Household (HOH) challenge, and Josh won the second. This leaves Christmas at the mercy of whoever wins the third part, as that player will decide who will be taken to the final two.

As it stands, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Josh has told fans on the live feeds he plans to take Paul with him to the final two, and Paul seems to have the same thing in mind. It appears that both men believe they cannot beat Christmas if she makes it to the end.

But alas, nothing is set in stone until it actually takes place during tonight’s live two-hour Big Brother 19 season finale episode, hosted by Julie Chen, which airs at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]