Houseguests Evicted Pre-Jury Weigh In On Who The Jury Members Will Crown As The Winner Of ‘BB19’

Big Brother 19 fans have watched all the drama and chaos the houseguests have caused this summer. The house has been rocked with controversial moves and tactics in the name of gameplay. All of this has led viewers to expect a bitter jury casting the votes for the winner of the BB19 season.

Hollywood Reporter had a chance to catch up with the houseguests that were evicted pre-jury. Cameron Heard, Ramses Soto, Jessica Graf, Jillian Parker, and Dominique Cooper each shared their thoughts on the season. Some of their insights are surprising.

When discussing who the contenders are for BB19‘s America’s Favorite Player, Kevin and Cody are the frontrunners. Soto shared that he feels Kevin should win the $25,000 prize. The stay-at-home dad from Boston stayed true to himself the entire game and didn’t compromise who he is as a person for gameplay.

Jessica Graf acknowledged that Kevin is the main competition for Cody as AFP for BB19. Having tried everything to get votes for Cody, even asking her fans to give their vote for her to Cody, there is no denying that Kevin is stiff competition for the prize. She feels that Paul’s fans will be giving Kevin their votes.

The early evictees discussed the mob mentality of the house as well. The bullying, the verbal abuse, and ganging up against one person became the norm in the BB19 house this summer. None of the former houseguests agreed with the behavior. Dominique had experienced it all first hand. Once out of the BB19 house, her fans and supporters sent her clips of some the conversations Team Paul had behind her back. Dominique was very hurt by the things they said and would have stood up to them if she had known. None of the evicted houseguests were happy with the mob mentality of this season’s houseguests.

When it came time to cast a vote for a winner, Dominique and Jillian believe that Paul doesn’t have a shot at winning BB19. They feel the jury will be too bitter towards him. Jessica admitted it was hard for her to say it but she does believe Paul deserves to win. She also thinks that the ones in the jury are looking for another leader and Cody will help sway the outcome of the votes cast live tonight at the finale. Ramses and Cameron also feel that Paul is the only option for the winner. Of course, this is with everyone assuming it will be Josh and Paul in the final two.

Tonight BB19 fans will see the confetti fly as the final two walk out of the house at the end of the game. Who do you think will be the official winner of the season? Which houseguest do you think has the America’s Favorite Player in the bag? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]