‘AGT’ Finale 2017 Predictions: Simon Cowell Picks Season 12 Winner?

Fans of America’s Got Talent 2017 tuned in last night, as the AGT finale began and the final 10 acts on America’s Got Talent Season 12 performed for the final time. Overall, it was a very strong show, as the judges were more and more impressed as the night went on, including Simon Cowell. During the night, it seemed like Simon Cowell predicted the winner of America’s Got Talent 2017, but who was it?

The night was filled with some amazing performances, as the final 10 acts showed us all that they deserved to win. Two of the strong favorites for this season, Darci Lynne and Angelica Hale, put on quite a show, as the young performers got rave reviews from all of the judges.

As the night went on, Simon Cowell commented on how these acts on America’s Got Talent 2017 were making him emotional. He then went out on a whim and predicted the winner of AGT 2017. He doesn’t normally do this, but it looks like he was feeling pretty strongly about this contestant after their performance during the America’s Got Talent Season 12 finale, but who was that act he was talking about? That answer could change, depending on the moment you paid attention to.

To start, Darci Lynne blew the judges and audience away with her performance. During the judges’ critiques, Simon Cowell went as far as saying she will win America’s Got Talent Season 12. That was a bold statement, especially since there were more acts to perform.

So, while he predicted that Darci Lynne Farmer would be the winner of America’s Got Talent 2017, the next act changed his mind. His golden buzzer act, Mandy Harvey, performed next and after her performance, he wasn’t so sure about his predictions earlier. He now thought that Mandy Harvey could win it all, also.

Like most of America, it seems like Simon Cowell is torn on who will win tonight. He predicted Darci Lynne, but then questioned that once Mandy Harvey performed. In the end, it doesn’t matter what Simon thinks and it only matters how America voted.

Who do you think wins tonight on America’s Got Talent 2017?

[Featured Image by NBC]