Kevin Hart Alleged Cheating Scandal: Desperately Saving Hollywood Career, Eniko Parrish Torn Amid Pregnancy

Kevin Hart is strictly focused on keeping himself busy doing his daily job of being an actor to get away from the cheating scandals that erupted earlier this week.

Two women came forward, claiming they had sexual relationships with Kevin Hart over the summer, while his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish was already pregnant with their baby, and according to reports, it wasn’t a one-time thing.

While sources have yet to confirm how many women Kevin Hart had slept with, from what’s been gathered through the leaked sex tape clips, two women are known to have bedded the famous Hollywood star.

And while Kevin Hart may have sincerely apologized to his fans on Instagram, stressing that he’s actively working on being a better man, the comedian seems to be concerned how his cheating scandal will affect his career.

With Hart being one of the top-earning actors in Hollywood right now, a cheating scandal of this sort can easily break one’s chances to upkeep that kind of success, particularly considering that the alleged affair happened while Kevin’s wife was pregnant.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kevin Hart doesn’t want the negative press to affect his reputation, so he’s continuing to keep his schedule busy and his mouth shut regarding anything else concerning the women he allegedly had sexual encounters with.

Sources tell the news outlet that Kevin Hart has heavily depended on Dwayne Johnson to help him clear his mind from the drama that the actor has caused upon himself.

It’s said that the two friends are working out together almost every day, and this has greatly contributed to Kevin Hart’s mood being much more positive since his confession on Instagram earlier this week.

Because Kevin’s movies are strongly aimed at a family-friendly audience, his cheating scandal could drastically affect his reputation, his earnings as an actor in Hollywood, and the loyalty of his own fans that have supported him since the beginning.

In an effort to prevent the chances of losing all that he’s worked for, Hart refuses to shy away and not be seen.

He’s continued his duties, working and signing on to multiple projects, telling friends he won’t let the scandal break him.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]