Puerto Rico Maria Update, And Mexico, New Zealand Earthquakes Update

Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Mexico are three countries that are dealing with devastating natural phenomenon that has led to the destruction of property worth billions and loss of lives. The following is an update on the destructive Puerto Rico weather, and the Mexican and New Zealand earthquakes.

Puerto Rico

Presently, Puerto Rico is bracing for Hurricane Maria, which is now a Category 5 storm, with 175 mph winds. The hurricane has already hit Dominica, with its Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, also having to come face to face with the lashing storm, prompting a rescue. This is as reported by The Telegraph.

The country has already set up about 500 shelters and urged the public to seek refuge. Emergency workers have been sent out, but will be moving back to their bases when winds are at 50 mph. This is according to a statement by Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

Rainfall across the islands is forecast to accumulate depending on wind forward speeds, but destructive flood waters churned from the sea are unavoidable. Rain is expected to range between 12 and 16 inches in most areas, but reach 25 inches in worst hit regions.

Puerto Rico Damage

The predicted impact of the hurricane once it reaches Puerto Rico is significant structural damage, power outages, with sailing boats and ships being warned against getting close to its path. Complete roof and wall structure failures are likely to occur, with projectiles caused by this, bound to cause injury. Some of the affected areas are bound to be uninhabited for weeks or months, depending on the severity of the damage and flood water levels. Roads and bridges are also likely to be impassable.


Mexico is currently grappling with the effects of a devastating earthquake with a 7.1-magnitude epicenter. The event which occurred yesterday, mainly affected Mexico City and its environs, toppling buildings and killing about 200 people. It is feared that there are more bodies buried beneath the rubble, with search and rescue efforts still continuing.

New Zealand

New Zealand experienced a catastrophic 6.1 magnitude earthquake in its Southern Ocean region, earlier today. The impact was felt in its capital, Wellington, although no damage was caused. Train services were, however, halted for a brief moment. The country is situated between two tectonic plates, the Pacific and Australian, hence its vulnerability to earthquakes.

[Featured Image by Rafael S. Fabres/Getty Images]