Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Creator Reveals ‘Weird’ Happenings After Body Transformation

Shonda Rhimes may not be an actress but she gained a lot of attention after creating hit series after hit series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. Given her popularity, people started to want to know more about the American television producer, screenwriter, and author’s life, including her weight loss secrets.

While the 47-year-old used to just answer questions about the series that she had created, Shonda Rhimes’ amazing body transformation has now been a constant topic.

Shonda Rhimes revealed that she had decided to shed off the pounds, not to be part of the circle of Tinseltown’s skinny people, but because it came to a point that her weight was just too much for her to handle. The Emmy-award nominee instantly became an inspiration and motivation to people who are struggling with their weight after losing almost 150 lbs.

Despite her weight loss success, the TV hitmaker admitted in the post that she hated every bit of the journey.

As if noting that she missed fried chicken multiple times is not enough, Shonda Rhimes shared that she is not a fan of talking about weight loss at all. She felt that there’s nothing much to say about losing weight because there is “nothing fun or interesting or great about it.”

Although Shonda Rhimes could probably talk all day about how much she disliked her weight loss journey, the star revealed that her struggle was not the worst experience, but rather the weird happenings after she dropped the pounds.

Shonda Rhimes recalled that women she barely knew “gushed” at her new slimmer figure. Men also started to speak to her, which came as a complete shock to the series creator that they finally give her the time of day.

The mother of three could not contain herself from sharing how shocked and upset she was for people that just started to see her as a person after losing weight. Shonda Rhimes then said that even though her looks have changed, she is still the same person, but she never got the same respect and attention during the time when she was a lot heavier and that made her somewhat mad.

[Featured Image by Monica Schipper/Getty Images]