Ryan Phillippe Responds To Allegations Of Domestic Violence Levied Against Him

Allegations of domestic violence have been levied against actor Ryan Phillippe by his ex-girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt. In a civil lawsuit that was filed on September 18, the model alleged that the actor had physically abused her on July 4. According to Hewitt, Phillippe allegedly threw her down the stairs, kicked her, and punched her following a verbal argument.

Now, People Magazine is reporting that Ryan Phillippe has responded to the allegations against him in a statement that was read by a representative for the actor. In the statement, the rep said that the actor is a “staunch advocate for the health, well-being and equality of women.” The rep stated that Ryan Phillippe is “completely devastated” by what they are calling these “false allegations.”

In the statement from the actor’s representative, he claims that Phillippe is devastated that these allegations were ever made, as well as circulated. The rep went on to say that not only are these allegations against the actor false but that “domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue.” They also said in the statement that any claims that are found to be “fabricated and proven false” should then never be used to slander the falsely accused unjustly.

According to the allegations by Elsie Hewitt, the incident began on July 3 when Ryan Phillippe apparently left a party he was attending with the model after she supposedly ignored him. She then claims to have gone to the actor’s home with a friend in order to get her things in the early hours of July 4. It was while she was trying to pack her things that the alleged physical altercation took place.


While Elsie Hewitt is accusing Ryan Phillippe of attacking her, as well as being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it seems that a source who is close to the actor has said that Ryan never laid a hand on her and that it was actually the model who was under the influence on the night in question. The source also said that not only will Phillippe clear all of this up, but he wants to make sure people know he would never hurt a woman.

In the civil lawsuit filed against Ryan Phillippe, Elsie Hewitt claims that her injuries include severe bruising, abrasions, and even chest wall pain. The model is said to be asking for $1 million in the lawsuit.

[Featured Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]