‘BB19’ Winners Circle Only Has Room For Two And Christmas Is Preparing To Be The Houseguest In Third Place

Big Brother 19 fans have invested a lot of time into watching the game this summer. Tuning into CBS for the show three nights a week, and catching the occasional extra episode. Watching BBAD on Pop every night to get a sneak peek into the house with hushed conversations and strategy planning sessions. All to end up where we are now — on the eve of the finale.

Christmas Abbott entered the house as a force to be reckoned with. As an athlete, she was in top physical condition and ready to take on any of the other houseguests in the crazy competitions BB19 is famous for. That all came to an end when she broke her foot horseplaying with Jason in the backyard. She has spent the season healing, even having to undergo a surgery. It was controversial and a lot of BB19 fans felt that she should be removed from the game.

Christmas has been loyal to Team Paul for longer than most of the other BB19 houseguests realize. She was a secret weapon for him. At the same time, she became close to Josh who was solidly Team Paul. There were times she was a confident and a friend to him, and others that she was the one to kick-start him to keep going in the game.

There have been rumors of a BB19 showmance between Paul and Christmas. Live feed viewers have reported the physical intimacy between the two that has been caught by the watchful eye of the camera. At the same time that all of this is going on, Paul is talking about a girl he was seeing before entering the BB19 house for another summer of the game that he was really hopeful about.

Christmas has approached both of the guys to tell them she is fine with being the last one evicted and them taking each other to the final two. Not only that, she has told Paul to do what is best for his game. This took a lot of pressure off of him because he was worried about what to say to her when he evicts her, of course assuming he would beat Josh in the final Head of Household competition.

Some fans of BB19 are taking to social media to speak out saying Christmas has given up. As Joker’s Updates has reported Paul has said the same thing. He thinks that losing the two competitions for a spot in the final HOH competition was the last straw for her and she feels she doesn’t deserve to be part of the final two.

Do you think Christmas has given up? Do you think she figured out the guys planned on taking each other to the final two? Which of the guys would you rather see win the BB19 grand prize? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]