All ‘Twilight’ FIlms Ranked Worst Film Of All Time [Poll]

Hey, which Twilight film is the worst in the series? All of them, according to a recent poll.

Rifftrax held a poll to find out what films their readers considered the worst of all time. Apparently, IGN’s readership is no fan of brooding, sparkly vampires and their angst-ridden, socially awkward teenage love interests. Not just one Twilight film – but all five – topped the list by a lot.

With a resounding 35,593 votes, the entire Twilight series has been voted the worst film of all time.

But calm down, Twi-Hards. The Twilight films might be easy pop culture targets, but it’s still a profitable franchise, having earned over $3B worldwide, so the folks behind all that staring and flat dialogue are doing something right.

Even Rifftrax was surprised, writing: “Topping the list of Worst Movies of All Time are… the one and only Bella and Edward and the entire Twilight Saga, which is funny when one considers how successful that series has been.”

But there is something to cry about here, I’m afraid. It’s not so much that all of the Twilight films were voted worst film of all time, it’s the films they beat to the title.

Films like: Plan 9 From Outer Space, Battlefield Earth, The Wicker Man (the odious Nicholas Cage version), Son of the Mask (referred to around the IQ water cooler as The Mask 2: Electric Boogaloo), and Batman & Robin.

Sorry Rifftrax voters, we’re going to have to part with you on some of these entries. I’d rather sit through a Twilight marathon than waste two hours of my life on this again:

“How’d it get BUUUURNED?!” Priceless.

What do you think was the worst film of all time?