'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Did Raven Poison The Jury Against Paul? Earthquake Hits 'BB19' House

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the CBS live feeds hint that Raven might be poisoning the jury against Paul and not even realizing she's doing it. On the last network episode of Big Brother, the jury house was in an uproar over Raven's declaration that she was the "puppet master" of BB19 and that her and showmance partner Matt's three-way alliance with Paul was the only one that was legit. Even after Jason pointed out it's obviously not true because they're in the jury, she continued to bicker. Now it seems that Raven's attitude leaked into the jury roundtable. Even Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner called the Arkansassy ex-houseguest "deluded."

Big Brother 19 jury roundtable – bitter evictees

A recent tidbit from behind the scenes, reported by Hamsterwatch, was quite illuminating on the state of mind of the jurors. Hamsterwatch reported the BB19 jury is "a whole lot of bitter" and added that "only Matt and Raven planned to vote for Paul." That's not good news for the bearded veteran if he makes the final two at all this season.

Dr. Will is hosting and it seems there was a fly on the wall thanks to Hamsterwatch. Other changes this season are that Jeff has been relieved of all of his Big Brother hosting duties - and replaced with an iPad. No doubt we'll see someone new handling the houseguests' intro interviews for the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother as well.

Raven killing potential Paul votes?

You can figure out a pretty significant Big Brother 19 spoiler by examining the leaked juror roundtable info from Hamsterwatch and the recent clash in the BB19 jury house with Raven. Raven and Matt refuse to acknowledge that Paul played them as part of his strategy and they are also insistent on voting for him. But could that hurt Paul's game by association?

The most recent episode showed that the jurors were getting along comfortably until evicted Raven arrived to irritate them, as she did in the BB house. The jurors called her out to her face saying the jury house was enjoyable until she showed up and ruined it. That led to a war of words with Raven cursing the other houseguests. That could hurt Paul's chance at the end.

Counting jury votes – and losing them too?

The limited BB19 live feeds from the jury house show Raven is up to her usual attention-getting antics, and this has some fans wondering if Paul isn't tainted with guilt by association. Raven's vocal insistence that she is Paul's closest ally could poison anyone who is already not bitter enough to vote against Paul if he makes the final two.

As of now, Paul has only two confirmed jury votes – Raven and Matt. If Christmas is out at third place, she would likely vote for Paul too since she's infatuated with him, as both live feeds and the most recent BB episode showed. That's three votes out of nine. Five votes are needed to win. Cody and Elena might vote for Paul, but since both dislike Raven, her presence might turn them off this vote.

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so the saying goes, does the reverse apply and the friend of my enemy is my enemy, too? If so, then Raven might be unknowingly killing Paul's chances with the jury. Then again, there were many revelations about Paul's scheming ways already, thanks to Josh blowing him up on all the farewell videos. Wednesday's results will tell all!

Also, on the BB live feeds last night, Paul discussed making a t-shirt to help raise money for Raven's medical issues and announced it might be her holding a skull with something about life and death on it. It remains to be seen if Paul is for real about this or if he's hedging his bets since recent information about BB19 policies indicates Raven is exaggerating her claims of poor health.

There was also an earthquake last night at the Big Brother house, but since Paul's a native, he's accustomed to these. He calmly directed Josh and Christmas to head to the backyard to wait it out and prepare for the aftershock. It will be interesting to see if this makes it to the finale episode. Aside from the quake, the HGs are spending most of their time napping and yapping, with little activity.

There's just one more day until the live finale – who do you think will win BB19? Could Raven's loyalty cost Paul in the bitter end? Do you think Paul can make it to the final two or will Josh choose Christmas thinking she's an easier win? Come back soon for more last-minute Big Brother 19 spoilers.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]