Kylie Jenner Gushes Over Her Girlfriend Jordyn Woods

While Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have been long-time best friends, the reality star recently hinted that she’s closer to Woods than fans may realize. The subject came up when Jordyn expressed a need to distance herself from Jenner in order to focus on her own professional endeavors. The news evoked an emotional response from Kylie, who was saddened by the idea of growing apart from Jordyn.

Kylie Jenner Expresses Her Love For BFF Jordyn Woods

Open learning of her best friend’s desire to refocus her attention on her own career, Kylie felt compelled to express her love for Jordyn, reported E! News. While a simple declaration might have sufficed, Kylie had bigger plans, setting up a commitment ceremony for Woods and herself. It was through this intimate event, aired on Life with Kylie, that Jenner and Woods declared their love for one another.

The event took place in Peru, where Ms. Jenner is still visiting the children who benefitted from her recent charity campaign. Donations from Kylie’s Smile lip kit have gone to help children in need from the area.

For the commitment ceremony, Jordyn and Kylie dressed in white and read personalized vows to one another. Jenner’s assistant, Victoria, and mother Kris Jenner were present for the ceremony. Kris expressed reservations over the fact that Kylie didn’t ask her best friend to sign a prenuptial agreement, prior to the exchange of vows.

Kylie Jenner Shares Her Insights About Friendship And Jordyn Woods

When asked about her friends, Kylie admitted that she only lets a select few get too close, preferring a small, intimate social circle, according to People. She added that Victoria and Jordyn are her closest friends, particularly because they make her feel the best about herself. She says Ms. Woods keeps her active and helps to take her mind off things with exciting new adventures.

“I do think it’s hard to be the best friend. It’s a lot of attention,” added Ms. Jenner.

“Dealing with me and my family becomes a lot of positive, but a lot of negative too.”

Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods

As for her family, Kylie thinks Kris and Kendall tend to overreact to trivial matters, which is one way in which the youngest Jenner sibling differs. That difference came into play when Kris suggested a prenuptial agreement should have been signed. Even in jest, Kylie thought the suggestion was a little too much.

Ms. Jenner also tried to explain what her friendship with Jordyn means for her, suggesting she feels closer to Woods than most realize.

“It’s like a marriage for friends,” Jenner says of the commitment ceremony. “I want people to know that we’re more than that. She’s my girlfriend. I care for her like I care for my girlfriend.”

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