WWE News: WWE Releases Number Of Veteran Superstars -- Full And Updated List Of Those Released

Each and every year, there is a time when WWE ends up cleaning house and doing a mass amount of cuts. Wrestlers from both NXT and the main roster end up being released and wished well on their future endeavors. Rumor has it that day is coming, and there is even the possibility that it could happen as soon as today. Could names like Ryback, Adam Rose, and Cameron be in danger of losing their jobs?

UPDATE - 1:30 p.m. Eastern

Damien Sandow has been released.

UPDATE - 12:45 p.m. Eastern

To no one's big surprise, King Barrett has now been released.

UPDATE - 12:05 p.m. Eastern

WWE.com has announced the release of Santino Marella.

UPDATE - 12 p.m. Eastern

Cameron has now been released.

UPDATE - 11:50 a.m. Eastern

El Torito has now been released.

UPDATE - 11:30 a.m. Eastern

Zeb Colter has now been released.

UPDATE - 11:20 a.m. Eastern

WWE.com has announced that both Hornswoggle and Alex Riley have been released.

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According to the Daily Wrestling News, there have apparently been lots of rumors floating around that there will be WWE releases happening on Friday afternoon. As of this writing, there are no official or confirmed names, but some of them could end up being longtime veterans.

Rumor has it that "one or two" of the WWE superstars who will be released have been with the company for several years, according to Wrestling Inc. Even though no official names have been mentioned in the rumors, there are a handful of superstars who are rumored to be on the chopping block.

wwe rumors releases fired firings superstars ryback adam rose cameron
[Image via WWE]One name that has been in the spotlight lately is Ryback, and that's due to him being sent home from Monday Night Raw this week after asking for it. He apparently had a meeting with Vince McMahon about getting paid more and said he wanted off of WWE television until things could be resolved.

Honestly, he's been used so little in the past months that WWE could end up just letting him go and cutting all ties with "The Big Guy." Trying to hardball Vince McMahon is not a smart decision, and that's exactly what Ryback attempted to do as he demanded equal pay for all wrestlers.

Another name that could be in danger of losing their job is the former Funkadactyl known as Cameron.

wwe rumors releases fired firings superstars ryback adam rose cameron
[Image via WWE]She hasn't been seen on WWE television in over a year and was sent to NXT where she's hardly been seen this year at all. When Ryback went on his rant the other day, Cameron was one of the only names to publicly speak on the situation as she simply tweeted out "Amen brother."

Now, she's spoken out on her personal blog regarding the Ryback situation and her support for him on Twitter. She's been getting a lot of heat over her public response against WWE, and considering she has been used very little, Cameron could end up being a casualty.

wwe rumors releases fired firings superstars ryback adam rose cameron
[Image via WWE]Adam Rose started with NXT back in 2010, and he moved up to WWE's main roster in mid-2014, but his time in the big leagues hasn't been too successful. He hasn't simply been in mid-card hell, but he's been buried and squashed more times than anyone can even really count.

While Rose is still a very valuable talent, he has caused a bit of a stir in the past few weeks. When his 60-day suspension for a violation of WWE's wellness program was announced, it opened the door for a lot of other issues.

Rose has since spoken out about his suspension and how he had a doctor's prescription for Adderall, which is used to treat his ADHD. Adderall also includes something that is considered a banned substance, and he feels as if his suspension is without merit. Adam Rose even went as far as to post his doctor's note twice so everyone knew the whole situation.

While Rose has some very valid points, it's quite shocking to see him speak out so publicly about his suspension from WWE. Some have seen this as career suicide, but the superstar wanted everyone to know the whole story and what actually went down.

Until it happens or the first name is wished well on their future endeavors, it's really hard to know who will be released by WWE. Then again, there may be no one who gets let go, and it could simply be another rumor that passes by without merit. The only thing is there has been some controversy lately, and it includes names such as Ryback, Adam Rose, and Cameron. Only time will tell, but some may soon get their walking papers.

[Image via WWE]