Blac Chyna Increases Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Rob Kardashian For Leaked Nude Photos Scandal

Blac Chyna has allegedly increased the amount of money she’s hoping to receive in the hopes that she wins the revenge porn case against Rob Kardashian, it’s been reported.

The former stripper, who dated Rob for just over a year, was shocked when she found that Kardashian had leaked endless text messages and nude photos of the mother-of-two on his official Instagram page.

Not only that, Blac Chyna was accused of being a drug addict, a bad parent, along with her ex-boyfriend having made the accusations that the socialite was sleeping with plenty of men during their time together.

The lawsuit that Blac Chyna is said to have filed against the father of her daughter, Dream, is said to be regarding the leaked nude photos, which Rob had no permission to publicize on the internet, sources reveal.

And according to Radar Online, Blac Chyna wants the 30-year-old to pay up for the damages he has caused her.

Insiders tell the celebrity news site that the initial request of $1 million has now increased to be much more than that. Blac Chyna is hoping to walk away with close to eight figures once she has her next meeting with her attorneys regarding the matter.

It’s unclear what the actual amount will be, but Blac Chyna, according to the source, is convinced that she has a great chance of winning the case, and when she does, she wants to rinse every penny out of Rob, the site notes.

While Blac Chyna can deal with Kardashian’s outspoken behavior, she thinks that he took things too far when he exposed her private photos on social media — she’s still the mother of his child and he should respect her for that at the very least.

With that said, sources reveal that Blac Chyna’s new demand for a higher figure in the revenge porn case comes simply down to the fact that she wants to make this a lesson to Rob and his family that she will not back down from anyone.

It’s already said that the Kardashians can’t stand her, so one can only imagine how they feel about her now.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]