Nicki Minaj: Why She Refuses To Make Nas Romance Exclusive — Is She Cheating On Him?

Nicki Minaj has no plans of making her romance with Nas official, it’s been claimed.

The Hip-Hop stars have been dating for the past couple of months, and while Nas is eagerly hoping that Nicki Minaj will make their relationship exclusive, the female rapper has refused to do so, making it known she’s not ready to settle down just yet.

According to Hollywood Life, Nicki Minaj has made it very clear that she’s all about having fun right now. She doesn’t want to involve herself in a serious relationship now that she has so many things planned in the next couple of months.

From her makeup line to dropping a reported mixtape and album by the end of the year, if Nicki Minaj can have some male company by her side, whom she can also share a sexual chemistry with, that’s fine with her, but nothing more than that.

Sources tell the news outlet that Nicki Minaj is very determined and focused on her plans to end 2017 with a bang.

She’s been working on her new music for several months and doesn’t need to get distracted because a man wants her to fully commit to a relationship that she doesn’t even know will last.

That’s not to say that Nicki Minaj isn’t determined to make the romance with Nas work, but at this given point, she’s more or less looking to have a good time with the rapper than to involve herself in anything serious.

Sources say that this is something that has made the 44-year-old “Hate Me Now” hitmaker very frustrated. He adores Nicki Minaj and has been wanting to get with her for years, so to now know that he has her, but she doesn’t want to make the romance exclusive is devastating to him.

It goes without saying that just because Nicki Minaj is strictly focused on music and her businesses right now, it doesn’t mean that the “Starships” singer won’t want to settle down after all is said and done.

Perhaps after the album has been released and Nicki Minaj’s schedule begins to appear less hectic for the multi-platinum-selling rapper, she’ll reconsider the idea of being in an exclusive romance with Nas.

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