September 19, 2017
New Research Reveals That Even Health Foods Are Now Affected By Climate Change

The issue of climate change has become increasingly more serious over the past few years, with scientists continuing to implore those denying the impact to wake up and realize the severity of the situation. New research has recently come to light which proves that the problem at hand is only worsening, with previously approved health foods now being considered as not much better than the average snack food a person consumes.

According to The National Post, "the junk-food effect" said to be caused by climate change was discovered by Irakli Loladze, a Mathematical Biologist and Data Scientist who teaches at Bryan College of Health Sciences. The terminology refers to the rising levels of CO2, or carbon dioxide, occurring in the planet's atmosphere and resulting in plants diminishing in nutritional value. This is due to the vast increase in carbohydrates during the CO2 acceleration process, which dilutes said nutrients. Calcium, iron, and vitamin C levels are taking the biggest hit in decrease, a statistic which worries researchers greatly as these are possibly the three most important nutrients when it comes to maintaining a good health. The recommended daily intake for adults and children over the age of four is 1000 milligrams of calcium, 90 of vitamin C and eight of iron.

North Korean Farmers Harvest Their Cabbage Crop
A farmer pulls some fresh cabbage from his crop, harvested in North Korea [Image by Wong May-E/AP Images]

Rising temperatures caused by climate change have already affected the state of crops around the world, making this new discovery all that much more alarming. This is why scientists like Bill Nye, among many others, have begun to lose their patience towards those who act as though the growing dilemma is no big deal and instead is being blown out of proportion by the mainstream media. The 61-year-old recently gave an interview with Wire, reveals IFLScience, in which he blasted Fox News and other right-wing news sources, as well as older generation citizens, for continuing to ignore the way the planet has been blatantly falling into disrepair decade after decade. It is time, he says, for even those who have been stuck in their ways throughout their whole life to truly realize what is at stake and come to terms with what there is to be done about it.

Bill Nye at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California
Scientist Bill Nye speaks at the 2017 Television Academy's Creative Arts Emmy Awards [Image by Phil McCarten/AP Images]

Nye may find some solace, however, in the fact that even the most devout climate change deniers seem to be beginning to see the light. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, United States President Donald Trump is now reportedly hesitant to withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, towards which he has been openly hostile from the start, refusing to agree that climate change is a matter on which world leaders need to come together, work towards diminishing and eventually eliminate for good.

[Featured Image by David Goldman/AP Images]