Suri Cruise 2017: Tom Cruise Will Not Meet Up With Katie Holmes To Discuss Daughter’s Future?

The whole world has seen Suri Cruise grow up without a father, and it is not because of Tom Cruise’s hectic schedule. It has been previously reported that the Mission: Impossible 6 actor’s controversial church gave him no choice but to be absent from his daughter’s life. Now, a new report claims that the Hollywood superstar is ready to meet up with Katie Holmes to discuss their daughter’s future.

Scientology is known for separating families once a member decided to leave the religion. Since Katie Holmes ended her marriage with Tom Cruise back in 2012, the actress is considered a “Suppressive Person”; therefore the Mission: Impossible 6 the actor should not communicate with her even if it means cutting ties with his own daughter.

Despite the overly strict rules, a report revealed that Tom Cruise is now being groomed by Scientology elders to personally talk to Katie Holmes. The sudden change of heart is allegedly because of all the backlash that the cult-like religion has been receiving from Leah Remini’s critical docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath.

It is highly possible that they believe that having Tom Cruise’s famous ex on their side will shift all the negative publicity.

According to the site, talking about Scientology is not the only reason of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ alleged scheduled meet-up. The outlet revealed that the Mission: Impossible 6 actor also wanted to talk about their daughter, Suri Cruise. The report shared that the actor is taking his approved sit-down with Katie Holmes as a chance to discuss that he would want to have a “regular visitation schedule with Suri.”

“He’s 55 now, and his recent fall on the set of Mission: Impossible 6 — where he broke his ankle — made him realize he’s not getting any younger.”

Although it appears that the Mission: Impossible 6 actor is finally ready to be a father to Suri Cruise after disappearing from her life for five years, Katie Holmes’ reps quickly denied the claims that the 38-year-old actress and Tom Cruise are going to meet up to discuss Scientology and their daughter.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]