Did Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Skip Honeymoon After Getting Married ‘So Young’? Baby May Be On Its Way

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are the newest married couple on the block! At the age of 22 and 19 respectively, the couple walked down the aisle earlier this month, just a few days before Josh Duggar’s fifth baby came into the world. While they have attracted attention for getting married “so young,” they are also provoking questions from Counting On fans on whether they have gone on a honeymoon.

When a Duggar gets married, it is usually the first abroad trip that they get to take without chaperones. They usually take lavish trips to places that they have never been before. Jessa and Ben went to France, Jinger and Jeremy went to Australia and New Zealand, and Joy-Anna and Austin went to Switzerland and Israel.

On the other hand, Joseph and Kendra seem preoccupied with making videos for TLC and not enjoying their time together as husband and wife. In the past, the couples disappeared completely for a few weeks before making contact with their fans. However, Joseph and Kendra have published at least two videos on Counting On since their wedding day, which is unheard of for any newly married Duggar couples.

The first video they put out was instructing their followers on how to make Joe’s favorite oatmeal cookies.

Some of the fans expressed concern over how the young couple was working instead of enjoying their first days of marriage together.

“They’ve been married a week! They already have a recipe to share?” A fan asked. “Aren’t they on their honeymoon?”

The newlyweds did not end there. They posted another video of them talking about their pre-wedding jitters on TLC.

Whether or not these videos were made before they left for the honeymoon, it does show that the family and the network are trying something new in terms of engaging with the stars of the most recent wedding in Counting On.

While the union gives cause for celebration, the followers of the show could not help but notice just how young Joseph and Kendra were. One fan called them “painfully young,” and that getting married so early means that neither of them does not “get to pursue an education or explore other avenues.”

Some have compared Joe and Kendra’s wedding to Joy-Anna and Austin’s, speculating that they may have gotten married quickly because a baby may be on its way.

“When’s the first baby due?” A fan asked in the comment section. “[Kendra is] probably already pregnant.”

Others have noted how Joseph seems different to all the other husbands on Counting On. He appeared alongside Kendra Caldwell in the cookie tutorial video, showing how he is also willing to engage in the domestic chores.

“I love that not only are they baking cookies together, but Joseph seems super comfortable in the kitchen,” a fan noted. “Excited for these newlyweds and their long future together.”

Do you think Joe and Kendra skipped their honeymoon to start a family sooner? Or do you think they made these videos before the wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]