Jerhonda Pace On ‘The Real’: Allegedly Trained As 16-Year-Old To Sexually Please R. Kelly [Videos]

A woman named Jerhonda Pace has spoken out in the past about singer Robert Kelly – better known as R. Kelly – and now Pace has appeared on the talk show The Real to make her allegations against Kelly even more public. According to Page Six, Pace accused Kelly of luring young women like her into his alleged “sex cult.” Jerhonda also claimed that she was a young teen when she learned from another woman how to sexually please Kelly. As seen in the below videos, Pace claimed that she boarded Kelly’s tour bus and Robert was there, naked along with the other woman who trained her about Robert’s alleged sexual desires.

Jerhonda said that she wondered to herself what was going on with the naked bodies on the tour bus. That’s when Pace told the ladies of The Real that “Rob” – another one of R. Kelly’s nicknames – took her virginity. Pace said that she was uneasy and Kelly picked up on that fact, but Robert told her not to worry about anything. Jerhonda is now 24 yeas of age, but claims that Kelly sexually abused her as a 16-year-old girl. On the tour bus, Pace recalled that she was instructed to take off her clothes so that the unnamed woman could please Jerhonda.

Pace recalled that there were more issues beyond the alleged sexual abuse going on around the R&B singer. Pace said that if she or another one of the girls didn’t behave as Kelly expected, Robert would slap them in their faces. Allegations of physical harm and claims that Kelly would lock the women in a room for days on end were also made by Pace.

Pace said that the 50-year-old Kelly was her captor until the fateful day that she was able to get away. Pace claimed that she needed to run an errand in 2010, in order to retrieve shoes from her uncle’s home. That was enough time for Pace to get away and not come back.

Pace said that she left all of her possessions behind when she escaped Kelly’s house, and knew that she was not going to return.

Kelly has denied all the allegations of a sex cult and sex abuse, and claims via his lawyer that he will clear his name.

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