How The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Have Avoided Jail Time, And How Rain Brown Released ‘I’m Moving On’

The Alaskan Bush People have been in the news for all the right — and wrong — reasons as of late. While Rain Brown has been blasted, in the past, for spending too much time on social media, she’s now gotten into the news because she released a soon-to-be-hit song called “I’m Moving On.” was the first to premiere the song, which was released by the young Alaskan Bush People star. The song, which was originally made popular by Rascal Flatts, has led some people to believe that she wrote it for her mother, Ami Brown, who is currently battling the advanced stages of cancer.

And while reports suggest that she’s trying to “stay strong” for her mother as she battles the deadly disease, living in Los Angeles and splitting time between the hospital and her siblings.

The song, then, is her way of coping with the situation at hand.

What’s more, it seems as though this “coping” mechanism is her way of also dealing with the blowback from the people who took her to task for posting “happy” selfies of herself while her mother was going through her cancer treatments.

Check out the Alaskan Bush People star’s “star turn” as a singer below.

Meanwhile, a story from InTouch Weekly has just been released that has the Alaskan Bush People fanbase up in arms: it was an article that questioned how, precisely, the Brown family has avoided all these criminal charges despite the fact that they’ve committed countless crimes worthy of criminal charges.

One of the biggest charges they managed to avoid, according to the outlet, is the necessary 30 day jail sentence for swindling the Alaskan government (which is what Billy and Bam Bam did). Instead, all they had to do was go on probation and wear an ankle monitor. So what did they do that caused them to not get jail time?

More Alaskan Bush People News from the Inquisitr

According to the outlet, the family’s celebrity played a big role in saving them from the slammer. And while Discovery hasn’t announced that there will be a new season of the show, nor have the Brown family announced that they will be back for yet another round of the show, their celebrity — however major or minor — has only helped them.

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