WWE News: Huge WCW Pay-Per-View Being Brought Back In November With Double Steel Cage Main Event

Danny Cox

There are still some things from the old days of WCW hanging around WWE, but it looks as if there could be more coming back in the spotlight very soon. Rumors have suggested that an old event from World Championship Wrestling is going to return, and it could actually take place later this year. If things work out the way they are seemingly going to happen, the old pay-per-view famously known as Starrcade will make a comeback in just a couple of months.

Even though the pay-per-view slate for WWE is full for the remainder of 2017, all of the event names have not yet been revealed. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there were rumors going around that old WCW event names could be recycled and brought back into existence.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the upcoming PPVs would normally be Fall Brawl: War Games, Halloween Havoc, World War 3, and Starrcade. It has been said on numerous occasions that "War Games" isn't coming back and that Vince McMahon simply won't have it, but the others are big possibilities.

These rumors started swirling on Sunday morning, and by Monday morning, there were some interesting new additions to the speculation.

— Greensboro Coliseum (@Gbocoliseum) September 18, 2017

That is from the official Twitter of the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina, and it actually has a full card for none other than Starrcade. The intriguing part is that there is already a full card for this event two full months before it is set to happen.

Two steel cage matches will seemingly headline the event, and it looks as if Jinder Mahal and Natalya will hold onto their titles at least until that point. The same could be said for AJ Styles and The New Day, but then again, this may all be a bit early.

A couple of the strange things, though, are the additional names at the bottom of the card. The Hardy Boyz are members of Monday Night Raw, but why would Ricky Steamboat and the Rock 'n' Roll Express be there?

Of course, it's possible WWE is trying to bring back some old-school WCW names for Starrcade to give it respect.

Update: WWE has now confirmed these matches and appearances by legends and the Hardy Boyz.

WWE then took to the company's official Facebook page to announce the return of Starrcade, which is taking place less than one week after Survivor Series on November 19. Making things even more interesting is that Starrcade is happening on November 25, which happens to be a Saturday and not the normal night for PPV events.

— WWE (@WWE) September 18, 2017

It looks as if this could be another one of the live specials on the WWE Network. Also, with this card being announced two months in advance, things are always subject to change.

WWE has now officially announced that Starrcade is going to return, but it doesn't appear as if this will be included in the monthly pay-per-view schedule. This appears to be another live special for the WWE Network, but it's not a bad one by any means. The old WCW event was always one of the biggest happenings of the year, and if this card turns out to be true, a double steel cage main event is not a bad way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

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