Is Jill Duggar Pregnant Again? Husband Derick Dillard’s Instagram Photo Spark Discussion About New Baby

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard welcomed their second baby boy this July. After about a year in Central America doing missionary work, the couple returned to Arkansas to give birth. After that, the couple announced that they will no longer return to their projects and will instead concentrate on the ministries in Northwest Arkansas. But from the photos that Derick Dillard is posting on Instagram, the fans are noticing that Jill Duggar may be pregnant again.

When Jill and Derick were in El Salvador and other countries in the region, they were not able to engage with their fans via social media because of bad Internet connectivity. Now that they are back in the states, the couple has increased the rate in which they upload pictures on Instagram and send out tweets to connect with their fanbase.

The latest post that Derick Dillard uploaded on Instagram is causing quite a stir amongst the followers of Counting On. It has only been two full months since Jill gave birth to her second son, but the fans are already seeing signs of a third pregnancy.

“She pregnant again?!” A fan remarked in the comment section.

One of the reasons that they are wondering if Jill has already conceived another child is because of the way she looks in her white shirt. There seems to be a slight bulge in her tummy, which can be from post-pregnancy or a sign of another life.

Not all fans were excited to find out that the 25-year-old Duggar may be pregnant again.

“Wow looks like she’s preggos again,” a fan wrote. “That family needs birth control about 30 kids ago. They can’t pay for s***.”

This comment is in reference to the fact that Derick Dillard recently attempted to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support his work and family. A few weeks ago, he sent out a request for a donation of $6,500 on Pure Charity to help him fund a year’s worth of work and living. He did not give specific details about how the money will be spent, saying that it will be used for “various missions opportunities I will have throughout the year.”

To his embarrassment, the fundraiser was shut down by Pure Charity not just once, but twice due to the violation of Terms of Use. Since then, he did not try again to set up another fundraiser.

“Unemployed husband needs to man up and get a job!” Another fan remarked underneath the photo.

Some fans, who saw the photo that Derick posted on Instagram, were more concerned with some of the parenting tactics that Jill was using on her baby son. In the picture, Samuel is seen wearing little mittens and the fans discussed whether this was necessary.

“I understand putting the little mitts on babies but I just thought it was always easier just to keep their nails trimmed,” one fan wrote.

“If there is an issue with baby’s hands, I don’t judge [Jill and Derick] for keeping them covered,” a fan commented, insinuating that there may be some unlikely birth defects.

In other pictures of the new baby showed that his hands are completely normal.

Look who's #onemonthold now! #SamuelScottDillard Check out our website for updates and pictures! *link in bio*

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