September 20, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers Bombshell: 'GH' Best Kept Secret Leaked - Video Of Burton As Patient 6 [UPDATED]

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the soap writers drew this Patient 6 plot from a very unusual source, and it could be the work of new co-head writer Chris Van Etten. The name for Steve Burton's new character, Patient 6, is not accidental. It comes straight from a board game. Hipster writer Van Etten seems the likely suspect to have dug up this plot. One thing is for sure, at least with GH using a plot from a board game, at least it's not the same old recycled soap junk. Not only that, but Entertainment Weekly just leaked the video reveal of Burton as the deadly patient 6 (see below).

Frank Valentini bragged that no one had guessed the General Hospital plot to bring back Steve Burton, but one clever gamer who also happens to watch GH busted it wide open and offered an exclusive spoiler. It's no wonder no one has guessed the plot – it was inspired by an unusual source of material and one that no soap has thought before to use. Check out what's coming for Patient 6, Steve Burton, and what inspired this brilliant plot twist.

Who is Patient 6?

GH spoilers indicate the ABC soap is drawing on a character from the tabletop game BattleCon: War of Indines. While most soaps tend to re-do their own history over and over or borrow from other soaps, General Hospital is finally drawing inspiration from a unique source. BattleCon is a dueling card game made by 99Games, and Patient 6 is a BattleCon character. Once you hear his description, you'll be able to guess exactly what's coming on GH. You can read it yourself on the BattleCon wiki.

Patient 6 is described as a "failed experiment" designed to create a controllable assassin. The theory was they would create a killer that could be remotely triggered to go into a killing rage on command. In War of Indines, the Patient 6 experiment failed, so he's been incarcerated in a secret facility until his escape. Doesn't that sound a lot like what Helena Cassadine was trying to do with Jason Morgan? Remember she talked about Jason being her pet assassin and said she bought him from Cesar Faison. Faison created more than one killer it seems.

Burton is Patient 6 and Jason

General Hospital spoilers reveal the man behind the mask is Steve Burton. A leaked set photo shows Burton in the outfit in front of the wall of bamboo from the clinic set. Ava was told he's a dangerous psychopath and to avoid him. All of that matches the description of Patient 6 from the BattleCon game. But also remember that Helena put a microchip in Jason's (Billy Miller) brain that she thought would control him. Jason/Miller was under her control for a while but then he fought the programming.

Later, we saw on GH that Patrick Drake removed the microchip. Now the Patient 6 plot looks like there are two Jasons (the Quartermaine twins, one raised by Monica and one that was Franco's friend) and Helena got hold of both of them, and she and Faison were experimenting on the twins trying to create master assassins. Jason/Miller got away from her and ran back to Port Charles while Jason/Burton is locked in the Baronski clinic under heavy sedation now that Helena is dead.

Who is the real Jason?

General Hospital spoilers show fans are split on who they want to be the "real" Jason and with them being twins, it's even hard to figure out via DNA who's who. It will be many months before it's sorted out on which of the two Jasons grew up in Port Charles and which one was with Franco and his mom and taken away – and where that kid has been all this time. There is definitely a tale of two Jasons starting next week, but it will be a long wild road ahead.
Soap Central GH spoilers say a man with Jason's face is revealed this week. Ava Jerome will unmask Patient 6 next week, and we'll see Steve Burton's face. Given the plot of the game that inspired this plot, Patient 6 will escape, perhaps with Ava's assistance. Burton is headed back to Port Charles but his brain is frazzled, and he won't know who he is, a lot like how Jake Doe didn't know who he was. Miller has memories from Jason's past, and we don't yet know what will be in Burton's head, and either could be the "real" Jason. The important thing is that Burton is back on Tuesday.

Another GH hint dropped by Kelly Monaco

Also on Sunday, September 17, Kelly Monaco offered a General Hospital spoilers hint. The official GH Twitter account shared a video (see above) of KeMo wishing Billy Miller a happy birthday. The big deal was that she's wearing a hat with the word "Deus" on it. In fact, that's a Deus Ex Machina hat and that Latin phrase is extremely important. Remember, Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante are classically-educated chicks that love their Shakespeare and Latin.
Deus Ex Machina is a plot device that solves an unsolvable problem by introducing a new event or character. There are holes in the Miller/Jason story because Jason was frozen and should not have been on Cassadine Island with Helena. Introducing Burton/Jason explains "frozen Jason" and "assassin Jason" without messing up history. It's a Deus Ex Machina to clean up plot holes and show the writers respect General Hospital history instead of throwing it out the window (as they've done in the past).

What do you think? Are you excited to see the reveal of Patient 6 as Burton? Are you shocked he's an assassin experiment gone terribly wrong? Other GH spoilers hint Ava will help Jason escape the clinic and all of this ties back to Cassadine intrigue, including the hinted Nikolas Casssadine recast. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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