'One Piece' Episode 806 Spoilers: Luffy Unleashes Gear 4 Technique, What Does Tankman Do?

Mark Jason Alcala

Another exciting, action-packed installment awaits fans in Episode 806 of Eiichiro Oda's hit One Piece anime series. It looks like the battle between the two powerful opponents is drawing to a close with Luffy finally unleashing a new Gear 4 attack against Sweet General Cracker.

But Nami had another idea to try. Realizing that they are just biscuits after all, she unleashed her weather egg attack, letting loose a torrent of rain that softened Cracker's biscuit soldiers. Thus, Luffy feasted on Cracker's soldiers to his heart's content.

But just as they were consumed by Luffy, Cracker would just clap his hands and a new batch of soldiers appeared. The unusual battle rages on, with Luffy eating all of Cracker's biscuit soldiers after softened by Nami's rains.

But of course, this can't go on forever. While impressive indeed, Luffy's seemingly bottomless stomach has its limits after all. In the end, Luffy became too stuffed to take another bite and had literally ballooned, unable to move.

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But what can Tankman exactly do? Well, it's basically a defensive move which increases Luffy's body while coating it with an incredibly hardened form of haki. It's so hard in fact that even Cracker's sharp Pretzel can no longer pierce Luffy.

There is one more thing that Tankman full version can do. It also gives Luffy incredible compression based launching ability. In effect, anything or anyone trapped on the surface of Luffy's enormous belly can be used as a projectile using his Gomu Gomu no Cannonball.

— Anime Tenpo (@anime_tenpo) August 27, 2017

Speaking of the Vinsmokes, could Judge harbor some ulterior motive in forcing Sanji to marry Pudding against his will? Of course, that is to be expected. Judge is a cunning man after all and would gladly use what he considers to be the failure son if it meant he has some advantage to be gained by it.

On the other hand, Big Mom is not gullible either; you can't just become a Yonko if you don't know how to outwit your opponents. It looks like both parties are keeping their aces well hidden in their sleeves until the right time comes. It should be interesting which plan will triumph.

Meanwhile, enjoy the One Piece Episode 806 preview below.