Gordon Ramsay Goes Viral With Delicious Eggs Baked In Hash Browns Recipe

Gordon Ramsay has gone viral yet again thanks to his impressive talents as a culinary chef and connoisseur.

In a now-viral video, Ramsay discusses his appreciation for eggs baked in hash brown potatoes as a breakfast dish. The video shows the longtime chef and cooking television star creating this tasty dish step-by-step, beginning with the preparation of the key ingredients.

According to Gordon, the key and secret to a great hash brown potatoes is the specific type of potato that you use to cook and create it. Ramsay states in the video that he prefers to use a really nice waxy potato for two reasons:

  1. They cook better.
  2. They hold themselves together.

To make sure that the potatoes are really nice and crispy, he actually grates them instead of slicing them. The onion is grated the same way and mixed in with the potatoes. Gordon states that by taking this approach, you will get “that nice balance of the onion flavor running through every little shard of the potato.”

Ramsay states that the next step is to season the grated potatoes with salt, pepper, olive oil, and cayenne. He then used his hands to mix and squeeze the liquid from the blended ingredients, stating that the hash will become crispier with the more liquid that is removed during this part of the process.

After the pan is heated, Gordon advises viewers to pour in a nice-sized amount of olive oil before placing the potatoes within the pan. The pan must be “nice and hot” before placing the potatoes within it to make sure that everything “seals” together properly as you cook it. You can then use a spoon to pat everything down within the pan to “make it really nice and compact.”

Perhaps the most difficult part of cooking hash brown potatoes is when you have to flip it. If you flip it incorrectly, it could cause the hash browns to cook unevenly or fall apart which can ruin its overall presentation. Gordon reveals a “trick” of sorts to flipping the hash by placing a plate on top of the pan and then flipping the entire pan over so that the hash browns falls onto the plate. You can then slide the hash browns back into the heated pan and continue cooking it from there.

Here is where the eggs come into the equation.

Crack the eggs gently and place them on the panned hash browns, using the crispy potatoes as a “bed” for the eggs. If you want the eggs a little spicy, you can add a sprinkle of cayenne on top of the yolks before baking it for 6-8 minutes. Gordon then prepares glazed bacon while waiting on his hash browns and baked eggs to finish. He then places the bacon on top of the hash browns like icing placed on top of a cake, bringing this tasty video to a close with a delicious glance at the now-plated eggs baked in hash browns topped with glazed bacon.

Over the years, quite a few fans have tried to duplicate Gordon Ramsay’s breakfast dish in their own kitchens and shared pictures of their attempts along the way.

However, as shown in Gordon Ramsay’s now-viral instructional video, it would take the average home kitchen chef quite a few attempts to master the efficient, yet simple approach that Gordon takes to the preparation, cooking and presentation of his eggs baked in hash browns dish.

[Featured Image by Phil McCarten/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images]