Man Sticks Penis Inside 5.5-Pound Weight Plate: Takes 3 Hours To Remove Weight With Saw And Grinder

Man Sticks Penis Inside 5.5-Pound Weight Plate: Takes 3 Hours To Remove Weight With Saw And Grinder

There is a cautionary tale coming from the Facebook page of Feuerwehr Worms, which is the fire brigade out of Worms, Germany. As seen in the below photo from the fire department, a broken 2.5 kg “dumbbell disc” – better known as a weight plate in the States – was removed from around the penis of an unnamed man. Published to Facebook on Friday, September 15, the photo comes along with a description that the fire brigade received an odd call that Friday morning. After being summoned to the hospital the brigade learned that a man had “a very sensitive part of the body trapped in the hole” of the weight plate. The part that has many people online cringing is the fact that it took three hours for the weight plate to be removed from around the penis – and emergency personnel had to use a grinder, a vibrations saw, and a hydraulic emergency device to cut the weight plate away without harming the man’s penis.

Firemen of the volunteer unit center were used in the delicate operation that has caused authorities to warn others not to imitate. As reported by Metro, doctors were not able to extract the weight from the man’s genital region, so the physicians turned to firefighters for help. The man was put under sedation as the fire brigade of Worms, which is comprised of 64 employees, went to work sawing and cutting away the weight plate until the man’s penis was freed from the center hole.

As reported by the Mirror, the thought of having such heavy machinery and cutting devices near sensitive and delicate parts is reverberating throughout the brains of men. That particular article has been shared thousands of times, as has the original post on Facebook. Many comments are pouring into social media about the danger of attempting such a maneuver, and how fortunate the man must feel to have not lost his body part as a result.

Jokes about how much the man must’ve loved weights and weightlifting have inevitably followed in the wake of such a surprising story. Weight plates can be seen in the top photo above, from a weightlifting competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

[Featured Image by Mike Groll/AP Images]