‘Overwatch’ Has Fewer Features Because Of ‘Toxic Players’

'Overwatch' Has Fewer Features Because Of 'Toxic Players'

There has been a lot of talk since the end of the last competitive season of Overwatch about “toxic players.” As a matter of fact, director Jeff Kaplan posted a long message about the rules and changes that Blizzard is implementing to stop the toxic players from poisoning the entire gaming experience for everyone else.

Toxic Players Limiting Features

Now, it turns out that Overwatch might have more new features if it wasn’t for the toxic players that are making the game sour for everyone. Cinema Blend reports that Kaplan said that Blizzard is forced to do so much to stop and punish toxic players that they don’t have the time to create new features.

Kaplan said that Blizzard is in a weird position where they are spending “tremendous” amounts of time punishing people and trying to make everyone behave themselves in Overwatch that they don’t have time for anything else.

Jeff Kaplan then went on to say that he wishes that Blizzard could take more time to creating things like a replay system or a match history system for Overwatch. However, Kaplan said that the same people who would create the new gaming systems and features are the ones who have to find ways to punish and stop the toxic players.

'Overwatch' Has Fewer Features Because Of 'Toxic Players'

What are the Overwatch toxic behaviors?

When it comes to Overwatch games, way too many people have horror stories of how one or two players would ruin the entire gaming experience for everyone. Whether it is someone who likes to curse and insult other players or those who will drop out of games when they start to lose or find other unfair advantages, these players are who will chase good players away.

The Overwatch PC game has a way to report these toxic players but the development team is working on ways that PlayStation and Xbox systems can add these reporting systems. There are also a number of new rules in this ongoing competitive season where players can find themselves banned for toxic play.

'Overwatch' Has Fewer Features Because Of 'Toxic Players'

Jeff Kaplan’s most recent comments came in response to an Overwatch player who pointed out one specific toxic player who received temporary probations despite getting an average of four complaints every day.

This caused Jeff Kaplan to admit that the Overwatch team is looking at changes to the punishment system. However, at the time the punishment is just for competitive play so that people who are playing regular games for fun will still have to deal with these toxic players.

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