Parents to 4 girls, Michael and Jeanne Merrill, killed in Va. crash

Four young girls were orphaned Saturday in a Virginia crash that claimed the lives of their parents, Michael, 47, and Jeanne Merrill, 42.

Three of the four Merrill girls, aged 13, 3, and 18 months, were in the car with their parents at the time of the fatal collision. A fourth child, 9, was in the care of a friend’s parents. All three girls suffered minor injuries and were released to the care of relatives. Police don’t believe alcohol and speed were factors in the accident, but indicate that heavy rain may have been a contributing factor. Two other people in different cars were killed in the crash, in which two cars in opposite lanes veered into the lane in which the Merrills were driving. Police also say that charges may be filed, but did not disclose who may be charged or which charges were being considered.

Although injury to the Merrill girls was minor, Michael and Jeanne Merrill were pronounced dead at the scene. Funeral services are planned for the couple at local St. Bernadette’s parish on Thursday.

[Source: Washington Post]