An Avocado For Kate Middleton? Prince William Given This Thoughtful Gift From 4-Year-Old To Duchess Catherine

An Avocado For Kate Middleton? Prince William Given This Thoughtful Gift From 4-Year-Old To Duchess Catherine [Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images]

Prince William is not new to meeting with the public and accepting all sorts of meaningful gifts for himself and his two children, but on Thursday, he received something unusual, but also quite thoughtful–an avocado!

The Prince was visiting a swimming pool in Wallasey, Merseyside when he met a youngster with a unique gift.

Young Archie Weatherall presented an avocado wrapped in a yellow bow to William. The Prince did not question such an unusual gift, but instead, graciously thanked the 4-year-old.

“Oh, Archie, you’re too kind. I’ve never been given an avocado before. That’s really sweet of you.”

Then an adult, who was there with Archie, explained that the avocado was not for him, but instead for Catherine. William immediately thanked the boy on behalf of Duchess Kate.

“Catherine will love the avocado. That’s very sweet. Thank you very much.”

Why an avocado? Avocados are commonly used as a non-pharmaceutical treatment for HG. According to Romper, the B6 vitamin helps lessen nausea. Expectant mothers will also find that the other nutrients in avocados including vitamins E and K, folate, potassium, iron, and magnesium make this a perfect food during pregnancy.

How would a 4-year-old know what someone who is suffering from HG should eat? It appears that the youngster is quite observant. Archie’s mother is also pregnant and suffers from the same acute morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, as Catherine. Less than three percent of all pregnant women have to endure the difficult symptoms of this severe morning sickness. His mother was sure to say that she was suffering from the very same thing as the Duchess of Cambridge!

William’s response may indicate that he did not know of the benefits of avocados for those suffering from HG. Although royal protocol may not allow Kate to gnosh on this particular avocado, she may now try eating them to ease her difficult symptoms.

Originally, it was announced that Kate Middleton would be accompanying the Duke of Cambridge and together, they were to visit Merseyside and Liverpool, including the newly remodeled Urgent Care and Trauma Centre (UCAT) at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool. Yet, her acute morning sickness prevented her from meeting the staff and the patients.

Although he went solo, Prince William was clearly a welcome distraction. One cancer patient, Pagan Tordengrave, enthusiastically exclaimed “Prince of Hearts!” when she met Princess Diana’s oldest son.

Clearly, this was in reference to William’s late mother, Diana, nicknamed the “Princess of Hearts.” William’s warmth and charismatic personality is much like Diana’s, as is his resemblance to her.

When William apologized for interrupting the workflow of the day, she clearly appreciated his visit.

“It’s a pleasure. You are one of the nicest men on the planet.”

Did you know that the avocado fruit can help those suffering from acute morning sickness? What do you think of young Archie, bringing an avocado, wrapped in a yellow bow, and presenting it to Prince William to give to Duchess Catherine?

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images]